1. Starting on the top floors of buildings without power, WITH FLASHLIGHTS and IN GROUPS, go door to door asking folks if they need help, and if so, what they need. Write it down, so that later you can pass that information on, and also so that people don’t duplicate work.
2. If someone needs a prescription refill for a chronic illness, you can take their benefit number and the rx bottle, and a note from them to a pharmacy. Pharmacists in NY are being allowed to do partial prescription refills without an actual Rx, so that people who have limited mobility don’t die in their apartments.
3. If someone is in medical crisis call an AMBULANCE.

To prevent duplicating work, and for your own safety: use a basic search and rescue trick. Go to top floor first, as you said, then go left out of starwell. Mark left hand side outside of door with a diagonal strip of colored tape like duct tape or electrical tape or with chalk. Write date and time entered on wall next to strip with chalk or with marker on a separate piece of tape. Continue left until you arrive back at your start. Always go left. This way you have systematically checked every room off that doorway. You can then lay another strip on top of your previous to show you have exited the area. Write the date and time and something to identify who you were. However, you may well choose in these circumstances to instead remove the tape and/or erase your chalk so your efforts don’t get mistaken for official ones. If anything happens to you in the search area, anyone coming afterwards will see the slash and date and know you are in the confined space and for how long.

Grassroots Medics on the job waiting with patients.

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