Coney Island conditions remain dire

sandy darkness still nov 11

I’m a photographer who has been covering Occupy relief efforts in Coney Island since Wednesday. For the past few days I have been helping out at the main distribution center and following volunteer medical teams into the local communities.

Countless residents have been living in appalling conditions – stranded in high rise projects without lights, heat or clean water. Many are elderly or infirm and are stranded because they cannot navigate the pitch-black stairwells of their darkened buildings. They feel completely forgotten. There’s been barely any coverage of Coney Island in the mainstream media, so PLEASE distribute these pictures as widely as possible.

You can see my work thus far on my website here. Click the images for caption info.

Also a heartbreaking account by volunteer nurse Catherine O’Leary of our experiences in the Coney Island housing projects last week was published here:




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