Hurricane Hackathon

Even if you’re not a techie, it would be great to have you at tomorrow’s Hurricane Hackers NYC linked here. (,especially if you want to connect with people from Sandy Tech to workshop technical solutions to a problem you’ve encountered with Occupy Sandy.

We’re going to be workshopping a lot of the issues that we Occupy Sandy volunteers have wanted to address but haven’t had a chance to. Our initial focus tomorrow is Comms, but if there is anything else you want to do some problem solving for, it will be a good space for that as well.

Event begins at 9AM, non-tech folks can come by any time to work with us or use the space, and as far as what’s already organized, a lot of non-tech work will begin around 3PM.

If you want to be trained to use Sahana, the software platform we’re implementing to integrate all of our information and manage our resources, the lead developer will be around tomorrow, a number of us will have been trained + can assist, and we’ll be doing trainings constantly at 520, Jacobi, and at other sites throughout the city as much as we can until everyone who wants training gets it.

See you there, and hope to plan more workshop days in the future for those who can’t make it tomorrow!


The Occupy Sandy Team!

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