Peace Family,
I hope you are doing well and your families are getting through this crisis together.
If you would like help or you are in need of help check out this site: for ways to do that.�
If you are in an area that needs�relief�and have access to any kind of site -a storefront, religious space, a street corner – and want us to help you set up a recovery site that you and your community can run with all the love and support we can offer, hit me up. and we’ll make that happen.
Yesterday our low ball estimates: 2500 volunteers, 15,000 meals and 120 carloads of supplies sent to 14+ recovery sites. �More sites are popping up every few hours.
The O4O legal wheel team has this info for us about how to prevent displacement, which we know will be an issue. Please forward this widely

Know Your Rights!
��������It’s against the law for your landlord to lock you out! (even if you owe rent, & even if the house is in foreclosure)�If you have lived in an apartment, SRO, room, or adult home for more than thirty (30) days, a landlord cannot force you to move without taking you to court,�even if you owe rent, and�even if the building or house is in foreclosure.�The landlord has to get an order from the judge before she or he can force you to move. And only a Marshall with a court order can actually move your belongings. If the landlord changes the locks on your door, remove your possessions, or turn off electrical or other essential services in an attempt to force you to move out, you can file an illegal lockout case in housing court. The Police are required to assist you to enforce your rights. Illegal eviction is a crime!

��������Landlords are still required to make repairs to their buildings, even in a disaster.�Call 311 to report all conditions in your apartment�and common areas�in need of repair. You or a group of tenants can start an �HP Action� in�Housing Court�to get�the�court to order the landlord to make repairs. If electricity�or other utilities�have�not been restored.

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