Minutes – 10/31/12

Here are running notes for our 10/31 9am (EST) Conf Call…

Check out the top right corner for more options on this ‘etherpad’ ~~~~~>>

The listserv for this organizing group: http://groups.google.com/group/sandyrecoverycrew

If people want to create their own recovers.org site >>> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dDJFdW5ka3FlUkdFOHF5aGZRWUNNNmc6MQ#gid=0

Celly loop: text “@OccupySandy” to 23559 open to all

Text @occupysandyaid to 23559 for organizers only

Today’s Schedule:

Redhook 787 Hicks St- breakfast
CAAV 46 hester street http://caaav.org/ requested help in chinatown


1PM – Caravan heading from Red Hook (767 Hicks St) to Rockaway

7:30pm – OWS Puppet Guild at Red Hook, (earlier at Sunset Park)

Call info:
Call 1-218-862 -6789

Enter code 405461

“This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon” -Gary Roland

In attendance:
Justin Wedes – #SandyVolunteer coordinator, lowereastside.recovers.org
Caitria O’Neill – Recovers.org, caitria@recovers.org
Keith Hart – MTOG Emergency Medical Consulting
Pamela DiFrancesco – astoria.recovers.org
Ursulina, NYC Public Advocate’s Office, ursulina.r@gmail.com
Tony Bacigalupo, tony@nwc.co
Rob Underwood / @brooklynrob / runderwood5@gmail.com (Also, I sit on the Community Board 6 – which includes Red Hook – Youth, Education, Human Resources Committee)
Bobby, on the ground in Rockaway, OccupySandy@gmail.com
Elana Bullman, helping with http://lowereastside.recovers.org
Bre, admin on https://www.facebook.com/OccupySandyReliefNyc
Diego (@bolivianator) and Mark Adams (@emarkadams), kitchen at redhook.recovers.org, also chinatown
Joe Hillis , head of the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center
Timothy Weldon, Occupy Wall Street Radio
Andrea – IO
Jackrabbit – IO
Lopi – occupy sandy, twitter, facebook, celly
Tammy – IO

Not in attendence, but importanct POCs:
Jessica Lawrence, New York Tech Meetup, jessica@nytm.org
Noel Hidalgo, NYTM, noel@noneck.org
Andrew Rasiej , NYTM,

People are having trouble getting on this call, we should use maestro going forward or another more reliable service. //sure thing


Personal intros, intro to Hurricane Sandy Recovery
Urgent report-backs
Intro to recovers.org functionality – Caitria
Daily Schedule of Events (list ’em below ?)
Sandy Relief Hackathon w/ @HurricaneHackrs
Greenpeace Solar Truck – Robert Gardner
Connecting parallel efforts

Please promote the Interoccupy page http://occupysandy.net/ on your social media
It is a single place where information for ALL of the relief efforts can be disemanated. It has all the drop off points and all the recover.org sites. It also has a form for volunteers to enter their information.


Redhook 787 Hicks St- breakfast , canvassing
CAAV 46 hester street http://caaav.org/
1PM carvan from redhook Initiative to Far Rockaway
7PM puppet show for children tonight in REDHOOK
1 AM
2 AM

hackathon: identifying the needs that are out there.
– long term solutions (govt grants, ins, etc.)

to become an admin of recovers.org please email support@recovers.org

Website functionality: everyone log in to astoria (http://astoria.recovers.org)
username: astoria@example.com
Password: abc123
– this site can offer people help for the next 5yrs.
– frotnn page needs: immediate un-filled needs (someone stuck in a building)
– generally has 140-200 ppl at any point in time
-community admin button top right
-recovery information
-message center-.> send an email message to ANYONE who has signed up on the site
-google doc with admin stuff: ADD HERE
Best thing early volunteers can do is to canvass- bring info is good, but also collecting info
-contact info
-where aid dropped off
-description of need

REDHOOK: will be cooking food to bring to rockaway
– volunteers need to be redirected to a new location becuase the Redhook location has their own volunteers
-NEEDS: identify a spot for a generator and warm cooked food (ideally fridge and kitchen)

How do we plug in city-wide volunteers?

WePay Account?
-equation for money:
Water Off
No Potable Water
Electricity Off+
High Pollution Area
Low Income Area
Stores Closed
Relief Crews Unavailable
Standing Water
Downed Trees
Homes Lost
each of these is worth 1 point, your location then gets a score between 1 and 10. multiply that score by $5, and you get that amount per person. Then their budget is how many people on average they deal with per day. I am thinking it would be helpful for all involved to have a list of people who have recieved aid (so we know how many people we re reaching, etc)
anyone who wants to add anything to the wepay can email that info to me at blembitz@gmail.com

Celly Loop:
cureated seems to be a better idea (can be open as well)
-how to join: text @occupysandy 23559
-anyone who wants to help curate text @occupysandy to 23559
-made a new one that can be the closed one on celly
-1500 person text loop/ occupy alert text loop – used yesterday @occupysandyaid

Hard to use text loop stuff long-term. There will be a need to have these resources in the future.
-cell loop used for more reactive stuff

Should warn people NOT to use candles during power outages…common source of house fire.<-- maybe we should just teach people to use candles safely? Sure. ITDRC looking for nonprofits to donate large amounts of things like latex gloves etc. from corporate sponsors. Our Relief Sites http://lowereastside.recovers.org http://astoria.recovers.org http://redhook.recovers.org http://statenisland.recovers.org Test U/P for astoria.recovers.org astoria@example.com abc123 Events: Red Hook street kitchen - time? place? other street kitchens Resources: - Site Administrator Guide https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JF354LziGXOXunEZbci6bnoieZMRg3HY9nWak_Wly5w/edit - Here is the Google form Tony & Jessica set up to capture volunteer information - http://bit.ly/hurricanetechvolunteers - Here is the page Rob U set up to communicate and coordinate the tech response - www.nytechresponds.org - Hurricane Hackers IRC - http://irc.lc/freenode/hurricanehackers (this is pretty active, good resource) - Hurricane Hackers GitHub - https://github.com/HurricaneHackers - Hurricane Sandy Recovers FIELD SHEET https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0As530dQRIY3PdDd3S1hTS0pjMkJHMFJWekExTnA2aHc#gid=0 - Description of the hackathon we're planning - www.nytechresponds.org/2012/10/hackathon-in-works-sandyvolunteer.html -Occupy Wall Street Radio: http://www.wbai.org/program.php?program=28 -NewYorkTechResponse.org @BrooklynRob -Interoccupy hub - collection of imoportant disaster relief information - http://interoccupy.net/occupysandy Celly for announcements to orient volunteers daily text @occupysandy to 23559 celly for organizers,,,, building it now https://www.facebook.com/OccupySandyReliefNyc https://twitter.com/OccupySandy https://www.wepay.com/donations/occupy-sandy-cleanup-volunteers current amount: $2,807.67 Misc E-mail / Communications RE Red Cross Coordination: ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Ball, William
Date: Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 9:23 AM
Subject: FW: ARC POCs – NY Tech Hackathon
To: “Thurner, Susan”
Cc: Rob Underwood

Hi Susan…I hope you are doing well and not feeling too many impacts from Hurricane Sandy!

Please see the email below from Rob Underwood. You may remember him as my Deloitte counterpart on the SFI project. He is looking for a POC for both coordinating a blood drive and collecting donations in support of the Red Cross in the New York City area. Is there someone you can recommend up there that he reach out to in the Chapter to possibly arrange some activities to benefit the Red Cross? I’ve copied Rob on this email.

thanks for any help/insight you can provide.

From: Rob Underwood [mailto:runderwood5@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 10:45 PM
To: Ball, William
Cc: Tony Bacigalupo; Jason Kende; Jessica Lawrence
Subject: ARC POCs – NY Tech Hackathon


I hope you are well and that your family is ok after Sandy.

I could use some help — mostly getting pointed in the right direction… The NY tech community is rapidly mobilizing to help coordinate and lead the response to Sandy. We’d like to do a series of hackathons – one tomorrow, one later this week (likely Saturday). The purpose of the hackathons would be to “crowdsolve” some of the more thorny technical and logistical challenges facing the city. Additionally, we’ll ask individuals and companies to “pledge” developers by the hour similar to how you might pledge a runner in the marathon by the mile. The money raised through the pledges will be given to charity, most likely the Red Cross. So the more developers, the more time hacking, and the more people who pledge, the more money gets raised for the Red Cross while concurrently solutions to problems get developed. We’d also like to have a blood drive at the weekend hackathon if the logistics can be worked out in time, as that would make the event even more valuable. See http://nytechresponds.blogspot.com/2012/10/hackathon-in-works-sandyvolunteer.html.

I know when we worked together blood and fundraising we’re separate — don’t know if this is still the case. Is there someone you could put us in touch with, either form NHQ or Greater NY RC, both about donation support and the blood drive? I am sure everyone is at 120%, but I think this could be a really innovative event for ARC to get involved with. Cc-ing a couple of the folks leading the response.

Thanks in advance. I hope you are well.


Rob Underwood
Twitter: @brooklynrob (http://www.twitter.com/brooklynrob)
Blog: http://brooklynrob.blogspot.com/


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Gregg Betheil
Date: Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 11:07 AM
Subject: Re: Support for Schools Impacted by Sandy
To: Rob Underwood

Rob: thanks for reaching out. I am checking with cabinet now and will be back in touch with more info.

Gregg Betheil

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