OccupySandy November 1st 2012 9pm call

Aggregation point for notes: http://notes.occupy.net/p/SandyMainPad

In Attendence
Jackrabbit – Comms (TA)
Duncan – 350.org
Dana, Linnea, Rebecca

Agenda – (Notetaker please enter notes directly into agenda)
Basic Call Intro
ID notetaker
Purpose and length of call, agenda and date of next call
Intro to call process
Using the num pad
1 – get on stack
2 – agree
3 – disagree
4 – direct response (use sparingly, do not use to jump stack!!!)
5 – tech problems (TA will help you)
Be succinct
Say check or yield or somehow indicate you are done talking

Site updates

– drop off / pick up sites
sam – will send jr and badger new sites (brooklyn) queens and uptown
laura – north SI will email occupysandy@interoccupy.net
andrea will coordinate uptown
cass – pros heights sent to the celly 193 sterling sam has it

– distro sites (jacobi)
taking in volunteers and food
jacobi – rocked tons of people and food – sent to far rock and coney and howard beach
we have it thru sat probably longer

– recovery sites (far rock, CAAAV etc)
caaav has deluge of people. Andrea has lots of stuff, bringing there. need to get message to manhattan folks that need to bring stuff there. need volunteers also.
bowery mission and new LES site – Nazareth (206 E. 4th street – Contact: Michael Callaghan (212) 471-7017)- needs a POC and organize their volunteers
PREMO – GOLES 171 avenue b, on website drop off for goods, non perish and lights, need volunteers 12 and 6p tomorrow, going into building and canvass
far rock – b113 – Yana, its up, dedicated vols, local, still need volunteers, hot food, 10 1 and 5pm, establish normalcy, they need vols to canvass to assess needs
veggies island – cleaned it today, volunteers to clean to get it open as possible kitchen
59th should be taken down from hub
laura – recovery site SI south side chiurch 168 newdorp? need vols food and ideas
nick – howard beach location set up dropped off food, broad channel btw rockaway – they have suppliues – need volunteers. up and running and good

20th and 7th ave – nothing for people there – no support its a mad house
cass – LES – avenue d project in bad shape, stuck in buildings, no

Where we have holes?

jersey –

sam – we sent to coney island have not heard back yet – establishing site justin – coney, boardwalk to seagate, no power flooded, 33rd street and neptune – president of development, she will let us set up there in the morning.

group with hot food, right now.

sites in queens and bklyn
staten island, jacobi
manhattan – to chinatown and LES

cooked fiood in LES – we need a cooking site closer to there
sam – food not bombs set up new kitchen in lower manhattan possibly zuccotti, they might be able to do that

hole – we don;t have distro site in NJ or recovery site
badger – actively building jersey, organizers email occupysandy@interoccupy.net

gas needs – we need gas in brooklyn in jacobi, we have bio diesel busses, may have one that can do manhattan, these are 80% solid,
send it to jacobi

amy – gas is scarce uptown

List of roles?


What do we have?

duncan – streamline volunteer intake online can help
sam – celly peopel are using it alot, requests for pickups, rideshare org space, taking a lot of time, needs remote people to help
justin – hotline – recovers.org outlines. hotline 4 numbers set up all set up at google voice that connect several people, they can text too, needs people coordinate volunteers, outward potential volunteers, FB is useful, sending volunteers info twice a day – send to justin
trick or treat for aid – fb page is still up – people are self organizing for aid and carpool

yoink.com – crowdsourced app

dicey – shout out about trickoraid.tumblr.com

email sam – training in the morning for celly

justin/andrea – how do the comms connect to each other. badger would like to hear about that. we are reorganizing the hubs so each region get its own page
clarity on specific needs in locations

tammy – volunteer coordination – worked well today better tomorrow, sent cars to pick them up – and goods, doing same tomorrow.
we have a lot of info of what we have – talk about structure int he a.m.
tammy suggestion – comm flows and vol flows how does it all fit together

12pm at drop of locations in bklyn

red hook update – laura they might be closing tomorrow afternoon – storage site – opening in area coordinating all efforts moving that to rhi or just serving from storage site
good on vols – need medical services

premo – open question think about fo rtomorrow – next few days will peer and resource coordination, inventory of needs will shift over the days

What do we need?


Volunteers and goods – where?

– List of roles
– Review of online tools for volunteer intake

Occupy Radio
People are getting very very little support from Gov. They have no idea what is going on or where to go for services. Is there a way we can leverage our contacts at WBAI or do we have pirate radio we can use to broadcast important information for folks?
Volunteer army
People in lower manhattan are in dire need and we have a lot of folks who have offered to help. Can we get them to lower manhattan to help out?

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