MINUTES – 11/2/12

Nov 2nd, 9am call

Agenda – (Notetaker please enter notes directly into agenda)
Basic Call Intro
Purpose and length of call, agenda and date of next call
Intro to call process
Using the num pad
1 – get on stack
2 – agree
3 – disagree
4 – direct response (use sparingly, do not use to jump stack!!!)
5 – tech problems (TA will help you)
Be succinct
Say check or yield or somehow indicate you are done talking

2. updates

3. Volunteer coordination

4. New roles

5. $$

AMY – caravan from astoria to staten island on saturday collecting supplies contact crasstalk@gmail.com
recovery location that borough president has, get in touch with laura she is setting that up
Doctors W/O BORDERS – needed in all recovery places send to rock and staten island
particular needs?

premo – aaraon bakis black- organize medics

volunteering supplies – rubber gloves and asks / needs

tess – updated contact list of volunteers at jacobi – send contact list to andrea

sam – can lopi add tess or dicey to celly, coordinating rides, going to church, coordinate celly and hotline information

lopi – on celly webpage looking for usernames /

andy – at jacobi, one convoy to far rock now – eli has large cc rental fully gassed –

two pumps going to far rock and musicians,

FEMA is handing out food in far rock

libraries are open for people to go charge

justin – volunteer coordination pushing the limits of our system, helping streamlining the process of intake, sites should set up volunteer training, phone banking, caravans, if you want to train volunteers with a conference call and in person training

outreach – 2 people offered to do phone banking, prepare for the weekend and early next week

send volunteers to GOLES, can people go to SI and CI – sites are getting set up today

red hook update – up and running, chloe cochran is poc for today, accepting donations at park slope armory
premo – will forward
vols go to hicks
donations go to miccio center

lopi – staten island, 2 locations there that
unitarian church of SI 312 filmore
crossroads church 168 new dorp lane that is the right address – will double check i have it in an email
168 is the address. quick google map of SI locations: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=216525134263697369711.0004cd8210c81c6adbd52&msa=0&ll=40.56885,-74.149818&spn=0.162737,0.253029
donations and volunteers

resources for printing – resource sheet and printed / peter needs a flier to print for distro
also post to hub for people to download and print
jackrabbit will do the flyer
occucopy – will see if they can do it for free 388 atlantic, info@occucopy.org
send all fliers to occupysandy@interoccupy.net


community orgs and nfp’s in area need tools for the long term
it can also help with credibility of upper donors, like city agencies – they don;t have grassroots organization, talking to people in city and emergency management, large non profits and aid organization, putting credibility behind what we’re doing, making them bring us to the table.
confusion at jacobi how does it fit in there, but it is a tool

12pm staten island ferry is running – you can take ferry and get shuttle to locations, liam – lost his house and everythgin cna direct people who needs help,
ny water taxi free rides from ikea to lower manhattan

we need maps of rockaway

justin – backlash to mayor for continue the nyc manhattan, boro pres called for a postpone, marathon of support not running, who is interested in developing that with him,
– questions on celly about gas – where people can go? is there a map of operational gas stations?

premo – reached out to working families and united ny, printing electioneering maps, to help hit doors

marathoners – trying to organize volunteer event rather than marathon

dicey/tim – text loop of drivers
sam – celly loop
phone banker
premo – staten island support
lopi – monitoring FB and twitter, do some celly, go to far rock or SI and do video for social media outreach, signage for places
tess – text loop and do twitter and facebook
nick – 59th street

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