Proposal from Bre
$$ divided into 2 categories (5)
Emergencies and long term
cleaning public spaces houses community investment – long term gereenhouses – 70% of the $$

Temp Check
If you feel good generally press 2

Morgan – missed 30 secs missed disclaimer – if this is the wepay occupy $ Yes.
I don’t think that long term recovery is on the description on the wepay Bre – it is – since Tuesday.
who? we put that on our page – can only have one – thought majority would go to feeding, cleaning houses, immed needs

andy – doing a lot of the longer term coord, reconstruction effort that fell into; a large portion will be dedicated to what you think – the cleanup and reconstruction of houses
having spent large amounts of money – ows has a of leaving behind a sustainable infrastructure in that neighborhood, and that is why bree was talking about long term

badger – we’re supporting ny and nj with the webiste – the wepay says only ny; if we separate the wepays ny will get the lion’s share – wonder how ppl feel about separating out to two accts.

justin – awesome – bre and everyone helping with the finances – trust you totally – thinks it’s great you are putting focus on the long term — capacity building – need structures to keep our volunteers engaged; thinks bldg infrastructure, engagement with vol., getting resources to vol, to keep ppl activated in our network,

kirby – coord vol. effort in red hook – the big thing with the %, the only thing that makes me nervous is 30% – if we have another big storm what kind of financial strain will it put on – any funds to allocate to keep ppl warm; cold one thing, wet and cold another

bre -ran off out in kind donations yesterday and today – we don’t need to use funds for things like food, need to keep for emergency relief – avialable for emergence back up – otherwise look for in kind while we’re able; donations peaking

tammy – if we have a snowstorm, we could bring in more funding – doing % so that when more comes in, same % go to certain things; we are not talking about projects — – we are talking about helping devastated communities sustain themselves in the long run
at jacobi besides some small petty cash, we can take care of needs; relationships with food vendors – food doesn’t concern me

moira – ques by email – how to access emergency money what is process – got a request for a women who needs a special bed

bre – system used migs and s17 – a person on the ground with petty cash, knowing what the steps are for use – for an emergency – in the event we can’t fill a need with in kind – what i have been seeing on facebook is that anytime someone has a speicfic story, that is filled within 15 minutes; petty cash would be with a point person at distribution centers
5 2s, 6 stand asides no downs

badger – ques – new for nj or will these be shared
andrea – help nj as well 2nd his pro or ques

how to move forward to help jersey
tammy – we should share it – in occupy, ny got all the money and others didn’t; impt to share with jersey – could change language to tristate – would like to not see us have ny take all the resources

bre – would like to sep $$ out until each of the recover spaces – solid contacts in the comm; keeps $$ more local and funnels $ to you – out of the 70%

morgan – soe experience with this is other states; org to build comm structures

2nd that – it would work well to make sure those ppl get the resources – they have contacts and know the communities

premo – the basic answer about nj is def yes but larger ques about how sites relate to us – do we send money to atlantic city – there’s a group over here that wants money but how do we decide who’s part of the network

korby – wanted to ask – accountability structure to report back to the public and what are the rules

bre – none of the money has been taken out yet – as soon as we start making money part of the convo, in kind donations fall off, ppl think they can spend money

tammy – daniele – involved in budgeting – receipts back, going well, has accountability process

Report Backs

Tess – a little hectic – a lot of diff input than output — sources of info, twitter, cel.ly, hotline, google voice number used by ppl on site at recovery sites; a lot of problems with everyone getting the right information; database being shared with everyone – going into tmrw we’ll have more info; as more comes in – everyone has access
a big thing to think about is how we are coord on site – comm bet us and them; we need to consider comm bet here and clinton hill

Andrea – i love you guys – the whole comm sytem about driving and cause – getting 200-300 emails a day; helping with hub updates – 20 an hour; need ppl on the ground to report in about what you still need, don’t need, and what to do with volunteers – please send at night; other than that great work today – using the sites on the ground and whose in charge, contacts beefed up more – very helpful

Sam – setting up the new space – relatively way – only 8 hrs old; a lot of the

relied heavily on the google spreadsheets that were not up to date or the sites had new and inexperienced ppl who didn’t know what to do; what to send who where when; comm bet these two hubs – the cel.ly loop – haven’t checked it today and thinking it is falling by the wayside – may be able to fig out tmrw at the new site – awesome office space

kirby – heaviest thing – red hook – we had too much of everything – hundreds of volunteers – had to turn some away, don’t want to do; had too many donations – 110 w. 9th taking in 3rd at visitation place – had to open up p.s. 37(?); throughout the day today bec they were getting so influxed with donations, they shut down sporadically; connar and chotan maybe wrapped into this system – i didn’t even know you had coordinatable cars – tmrw we may have up to 600 volunteers – focused on the residents in red hook, haven’t been able to tie into the comm system – will have extra supplies at every single point – right now don’t know where to send

tammy – we set up a google voice # – they can report back to it what the needs are; red hook, clinton, jacobi – can call this number and find out need and where they can send some to; incoming needs, new sites and their needs – call the google voice # is the goal for tmrw – 646-543-5324

bre – report back from rockaway most helpful a bunch of flashlights and moving vans to be mobile; other thing – there’s a chat on the side of the speadsheet and that seemed effective today – access it

morgan – recovers.org – working on a way to make the need more noticeable a green light or other color – we have big voice online – we have the ablity to write all of the vol, needs req; be careful, don’t overwhelm ppl – be measured; don’t ask requesters to do twitter, celly etc ; med – if you are not a dr or nurse, the best thing is to drive ppl – the vast majority of us are not equipped to deal with med needs

premo – staten island – was a mess today – for a variety of reasons – (now have up and running and ready to hit tmrw) we seem to be adept at gathering info and putting some where
clarify somehow the staten island situation was complicated for a number of reasons, complicated out there – frantic comm that speaks to email comm – i propose an email goes out to the list to only share info they can confirm with there own eyes – if someone is telling you info they should be the ones to update; actionable steps first hand info; cares; socio-economic – several sites up there that are not talking to each other – rectifying that now – would like to help improve – have staten island comm team only

areile – running point on that – team at jacobi – running point on a 10 person scouting team – cut turf, access, identify sites from recovery to distribtuion; hopefully those spots can be self-sustained. not just a mess of info and ppl going out bonked out

the google voice # have a flyer – a list of questions to access new sites

freal? medical needs – trying to bring diff ppl into the same space – going down thru ows medical – there was a 6p conf call – org med intake, needs, mobilation and deliver mary clienda and ?? coming to jacobi – only function as med team distribution hub – all medical needs and requests should be directed to them and all gen ques they get about vol will be directed to volunteers; ramp up the,,,,, in coord with the person on the site;

jr – 2 things – 1) andrea — main person fo the inbox – impt to share the responsibility so we’re not getting burned out. 2. feel that a convergence of comm is not happening; the io sandy site – not aware of a central comm area; info is going out on the os site – how is that getting to ppl – a number of channels – the xx site, and how is that getting out; impt to deal with; not hearing it’s being dealt with

peter richardson – i am manning that line – the spreadsheet – ad hoc os locations; will be at jacobi tmw – have pw for the spreadsheet if anyone needs access

lopi – report back from far rockaway no more clothes, no delevrery, no volunteers, no nothing after 4p arrival – would love it if hot foods could be on a tight schedule at 11 a and 3pm; a new for a new hub v 38 st gertrudes chruch – send all the volu there to be oriented; send all hot foods, we will distribute ourselves – updated wish list to the list serve, io keep an eye out.

kirby – at work – speaking loud – i 2nd the worry about comm going back and forth – a huge worry – request – right now at rhi – we are limited on coord staff and all this info about the google voice line is not being communicated with the vols in the center – please huge favor – compile one email with all the hot links, websites, etc. and can communicate to the 3 centers in red hook

? – what happened here at jacobi – the hot line and tech team in same room and comm closely; today the team went to side and set up a …. new ppl were like an age old affinity
3 point plan
finishing consolidating and the comm process – the data into a clear manageable data base
call vols back and complete profile – better contact
diff from what premo was saying in SI
long and short the ppl handling comms and list will be meeting in the a.m bet 9 and 9:30 – the trajectory we were on before this call

badger – we’re getting deluge of req for changes on the hub; sometimes getting req and then change it back; ppl panicing; getting stuff on website a bit of bottleneck – the front page updated, the other pages a bit behind; gave ariel admin access and she will do staten island and send me info from there; if someone is on the ground and can do the tech work for their location, that would keep it manageable

premo – that info will be streaming on a hierarchy of needs; dated comm about what we are trying to report back from the grond – sites that are unconfirmed(?)

andy – spent half the day trying to think about working with the os crew to become more outfitted home clean-out service – next step in our org effort; stated with a report back from the rockaways today – starts with yana being tiny and overwhelmed, also connected to a lot of vol going out there.
need to improve on os info on the rockaways; in general we need to focus a lot more about sending much more prepared sets of volunteers – oglie and mat – int’l vol core – point ppl out in the rockaways, the farthest along coord large scale clean ups – got inundated today and need to be careful with them tmrw dicey’s ….. info gathering tact – will also – much more training on our side – skill sets impt but much more impt is dedication and committment; think tammy will be going out to rockaway to improve our comm with rockaway tmrw
we’re gonna have a hard stop at 11 – sleep on it and comm tmrw early in the day

justin 520 clinton vol site – tremendous build up from nothing to many by end of day – heading to la. for a few days, but while i’m out i’ll be trying to find new sites that we can send the vols to; incredible working with you

sam – direct to dicey – comms space beuatiful and big at new site – tech and hotline ppl already there, cel.ly ppl there, maybe makes it more conducive; who’s the rockaways coord based here? whoever – geeenpeace who has the cell phones – trying to get info back – only worked once
justin g said the site got up to speed and we got lots of vol – they started an os wedding registry on amazon – consulted with us to see what we want; big ticket items gonna go on

kirby – can i get one person to commit to send one recapped email with every single resource kirby@everythingindependent.com – will be at red hook site all week. someone confirm

dicey – that’s a top priority but i think we are all confused about what all is out there

proposal – a google doc google voice hotline links to forms – tammy will create, everyone can dump in, will someone take point and look at it in the a.m. and send and email – dicey will

laura – les – goles comm center – 1500-2000 vol came thru the site; caav had can’t have that many – both are trying to transition back to going to their programming on monday; how do we get everyone in manhattan and north of bklyn to tune into what it going out on the outer borough sites; working on transportation, redirecting to jacobi and clinton hill site tmrw. pretty much every public housing door has been knocked on, power back on

sam – for folks in manhattan maybe should go further uptown – westchester counties, we are having trouble placing volunteers in the outer boroughs; this is not aid and community building – how do we use this activated energy – don’t know what that is in practice – how do we focus on areas that were hit and focus on future building

we had no capacity to send people to the outer boroughs – feel that 90% of our people can’t get out – asking them to go back to their communities knock on doors there, get….later in the week

justin – while we have this attn and vol influx – to let the vol know they should share and tweet, etc. – that will help build capacity that when they go back to their jobs…
we went outside of barclay’s tonight and collected donations – whatever ppl can do in own communities

tess – tonight should we all be thinking about the specific comms goal that each site needs, comm with the world, the vol, inter, intra comm, one suggestion: be intentional about the usage of diff resources; if diff types of comm could be used for each resource – only having needs going to the google voice; the email is totally overloaded; it would be great if we could all get on same page about what goes where

tammy – if we have an interocc line here red hook, clinton, anyone with power and a phone – have done for actions – is it possible for an io member to man?
sam – can we call in hang up, get off?
tess –

dicey – think we’re getting into an area outside this call – maybe pick up convo tmrw

joan – i’m gonna jump in tomorrow – i think the idea … inbox from 1-3 tmrw; i will make sure to keep a line open if we do that
who has access to and pw for the interocc twitter and the sandy twitter so we are on the ……

premo – take lots of deep breathes – we’ve gone in 4 days of a group that are … and have scaled up a massive operation; the red cross were sending ppl to us, there were nat’l guardsmen sitting in on our class; congratualtions

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