MINUTES – 11/4/12

Paulie anne-
I would like to bring up how we can take the infrastucture that has been useful in Red Hook to help other Communities particularly Houseing Projects to reach the housebound and those with medical needs. Or organizing in general.

PLEASE FILL IN GAPS< HARD TO HEAR SOME !! I'm here... apparently brown, Lopi. i like this color Premo: SI Sent about 15 cars out to SI for assesment. unique socio econ landscape. residential, commercial, industrial. bad commuication to clarify sites and hubs. Hub didnt come through because of the politics. Blah all good, evolving, SI team evolved docs. Cleaning doc. Know your rights doc. Google Map with key locations with zones: block radius zones. A newsletter is being developed. Nurse doing door to door. Washing eyes, cleaning cuts. More medic support needed. Divided shifts out there, transition, 4 hr shifts on SI have coordinator commitees with needs assesment back to Com hub to fill those needs. Internal comms are being set up for SI : from Red Hook. Paulie Anne: Gowanus Warehouse Opening up Hot food at PS 27 (?) Politicians are coordinating putting pressure to get power back on Tess: Jacobi all day. Things went well, organizing themselves well things need to be worked out Street team report backs from the recovery zones? others/// crowd of people were having trouble coordinating with clinton hill inter hub com stuff in the works intake projections for needs system is set up floor, still issues with people coming in and trying to take food need de-esculation and spanish speakers to help manage that went from crib sheets with addresses we have walkie talkies today they are working great who has access to the email - need more people on the email? who is this>
Coming back from Ocean City
good connections at the senior center
ad hoc effort, community based effort
moving to a church over there for a base
got to the jersey shore but parts are still inaccessible
excited to be able to help people and build off of ny

manning the driver celly loop
lots of pickups all over brooklyn
tomorrow only north brooklyn
and williamsburg
shadow is Alex
transitioning out of the role tomoro
and looking for people to help be dispatchers for drivers
call him or her about that

Kirby from Red HOok
question mark about the food?
the hot food will not be served at RI
it will be moved to ….WHERE?
a church?

confusion between comms and dispatch
koby was the google voice number was unclear
to manage site info and community sites
new sites coming in, do we want all of those on the google doc?
people from affected areas started coming to our hosue and asking for food
this worked well
managed to get a toe hold in a neighborhood
micro hubs>>>>> having trouble hearing her<<<< sorry dont duplicate efforts talked about the other comm issues but proposal to move all intake for needs at clinton ave si gmail and gvoice newsletter will start in cpl days REhook: 5-7 taking in resources, some relocating sources back to nieghborhoods. medical needs visists, clean, medical system, chuch goods, 402 van brunt 321 van brunt PS27 and poss baptist church across street pols working to get power on . jacabi went well, ppl organizng selves well, huge overflow of vols. still much to get worked out (unnamed doing much better than I could do) so using resources in other areas. (:

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