MINUTES – 11/5/12


INTEROCC: Getting requests for pickups of goods, for volunteers needed, for individuals trapped in houses, changes for the website, where to go to volunteer, how to help with specific things like mold removal. Sending nightly emails to volunteers. Getting needs from people out in the field. Reportbacks from the field. Trying to get that back to Sandy Comms. In touch with driver dispatch. And trying to keep up to date with Google Groups.

SI: Getting info from all sorts of places, need to let volunteers know where to go, HQ know who needs what. Hasnt been using OS locations spreadsheet. SI has been using a zone system, with one person as point person per zone. Need to filter info from the field up to comms, and then push that info out to all the outward facing info sources. Having a way to share lessons learned and best practices would be good.

JACOBI COMMS: Info we need is where stuff needs to go. The systems that are working are systems that are invented by people who have agency to do so.

ROCKAWAYS: Only has service from Verizon, that’s a major problem. Need hand radios.

MEDICAL: Google voice # & Gmail – needs someone to step in for medical comms. The big issue is it has to be a little bit separate for patient confidentiality and coordinating with a discrete group of people. Big request is that any medical anything be redirected to Google voice: 646 470 7256. Would like help signal boosting that that is the medical dispatch number for medical needs and volunteers. We’ve evacuated a ton of people, called lots of ambulances

CLINTON COMMS: Not getting enough info from people in the fields. We have people manning the recovers lines here – SI, LES, RH. Assigning people to different areas…

TWITTER: Hootsuite account established today to avoid duplicating posts, mixed/conflicting messages. I need to know where to direct things.

Sam – Car systems improving – now using google forms. Knowing where to send buses and trucks, which sites can be donated directly to, where to pick stuff up. Coordinating w Jacobi when we don’t have enough stuff.

Daniele – Focused on getting lunch & dinner out to every site. We have specific delivery times for food.

Casper- I was doing CI and then I found out Premo was doing that too. I started getting numbers of drivers and contacting them directly, handing reportbacks to Peter.

RH COMMS: Need clear channels of comms, point people with roles that can be easily rotated into. INGRID MADE A CHART.

Central comms – sending out, getting in. 3 prongs — Outward facing prong – they are fielding questions and

CELLY: Needs are similar to FB and Twitter needs. We need to have

FB: We dont have enough people managing facebook given the number of questiosn coming thru there. Things cut out for awhile. Something about casseroles and hipsters with food trucks. Daniele says to send them to Jacobi.

Daniele: Chef says our space is as cold as a fridge. Cut out. Food needs to get to this very cold place by 9-930?

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