New Jersey Relief Effort for Hurricane Sandy

We are currently organizing a relief effort in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey. If you have information that should be posted here, please email Here are resources on Drop-off locations, volunteer opportunities and organizer information, and services.


Organizers Conference Call

We will be hosting a conference call on Monday 11/5 at 8pm EST to discuss establishing a coordinated response to bring aid and relief to affected neighborhoods in New Jersey. This call is for people who want to participate in coordinating the relief effort in New Jersey. Register for the call here!

Drop-off and Volunteer Locations

This is a list of locations where you can drop off supplies for those in need

South Jersey Information

This is a page with information regarding South Jersey

Meals Being Served in North Jersey Locations

The following locations in North Jersey are serving hot meals throughout the day:
502 Summer Ave.
595 Mt. Prospect Ave.
444 Mt. Prospect Ave.
136 Tiffany Blvd.
1 Court St.
2 Speedway Dr.
285 Burnett St.
1060 Broad St.

Supplies Needed

Blankets Candles Flashlights Lights Water Food Batteries Diapers and Wipes Gloves and Masks Rubber boots Shovels Cleaning supplies and bleach Trash bags Serving dishes and utensils Anything that produces heat Winter wear (jackets, hats, gloves, warm stuff)

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  2. We are coming next weekend, driving in from Cleveland, Ohio will be in Saturday morning.