North Jersey: Drop-off Locations, Needs and Volunteer Info

This page will be updated regularly with current needs and volunteer requests in the North Jersey. If you have information that should be posted here, please email



The following locations in North Jersey are serving hot meals throughout the day:
502 Summer Ave.
595 Mt. Prospect Ave.
444 Mt. Prospect Ave.
136 Tiffany Blvd.
1 Court St.
2 Speedway Dr.
285 Burnett St.
1060 Broad St.

Drop-off and Distribution Locations

Lyndhurst Police Department
367 Valley Brook Avenue
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
Contact 201-939-2900 option #9 for more information.
Specific Donation Requests at Lyndhurst Police Department:
bleach, disinfectants, mops, brushes, and heavy duty garbage bags
Requests for Volunteers at The Bowery Mission:
Drop-off only


New Hope Baptist Church
106 Sussex Avenue
Newark, New Jersey
Contact 201-939-2900 option #9 for more information.
New Hope Baptist Church will be the central location for FEMA to distribute water and other supplies within the community.

Donald K Tucker Centre
23-35 Elizabeth Avenue
Newark, New Jersey
Contact # 973-242-0022
Requests for Volunteers at Donald K Tucker Centre:
Looking for volunteers to cook and prepare food.

Drop-off location only
805 Newman spring rd @ Thompson Sq park
Lincroft NJ
7am-5pm drop off
732-842-4000 for info questions

Drop-off location only
Hazlet firehouse
570 holmdel rd
Hazlet nj 07730
732 739-3534 Alyssa O
732 670-7922


In addition to the specific requests, all locations need the following:

printer paper
baby items: diapers etc.
pet food

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  1. In addition to street addresses posted on your web site, please supply names of towns in North New Jersey where volunteers may help serve meals.