Oil spill at Woodbridge facility dumps diesel into Arthur Kill


Please be advised 336,000 gallons of diesel fuel that spilled Monday night at the Motiva oil tank facility in Woodbridge, after a storage tank was lifted and ruptured from the surge from Sandy.  Officials said today the spill happened Monday night at the Motiva oil tank facility in Woodbridge.  Coast Guard spokesman Les Tippets says a secondary tank caught most of the oil and that the liquid that escaped moved into the Arthur Kill, the waterway separating New Jersey from New York’s Staten Island.

Six New Jersey streams flow into the Arthur Kill, the narrow saltwater channel that separates New Jersey from Staten Island. The Kill’s tributaries total over 75 miles of waterways, including the Elizabeth, Rahway and Woodbridge rivers, as well as Moses, Piles and Smith creeks and their respective feeder streams. The 130 square miles drained by these streams in Essex, Middlesex and Union counties make up the Arthur Kill watershed.

Please be aware that this spill is a refined oil spill.  This means unlike spills in Michigan, Alaska, and in the Gulf. It is not a sinking oil but will float and collect on the surface, as we’ll as dehydrate  The Coast guard is currently reporting that a majority of the Oil has been captured using booms. However the chemicals and thinners in diesel will still go into the air, making breathing risks for this current situation more vivid then a water concern, (although If you have well water in the immediate area your should get it tested).  This is not a “Lethal” spill considering the conditions and response at the moment. However if you experience sudden cases of:

– nausea

– headache

– sore eye sight

– respiratory issues

– loss of apatite

– sudden loss of energy, alertness

You should head inside, and drink water,  (also pending allergy,  mushrooms are known to be a natural solution).  The airborne risk should not be life threatening in this spill, and will dissipate in the next 48 hours as long as clean up stays as planned

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