Postcards from New Orleans: Stories of hope for the Northeast

Knowing all too well what it’s like to recover after a destructive hurricane, New Orleans residents offer messages of empathy and encouragement to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Also, special thanks to Alexis Marceaux for letting us use her lovely original music as background.  npossinful 1 week ago

I just wanted to make note that we had so many more people go on camera sending their best wishes and thoughts to the Northeast than was practical to include within this one video. But in the coming weeks, we plan to create some type of online experience to help further enable the dialog about recovery and restoration. Thanks to all that participated in this and who are viewing and sharing–and especially those who are sharing it by playing it on their phones for those still without power.   npossinful 1 week ago

Beware of the “Disaster Capitalists” who have been at work even before Sandy came ashore. They will use every conceivable way to make money from the losses of the citizenry. Business men and Politicians will now try to push through projects they couldn’t during normal times. I’m posting these comments from my New Orleans Lower 9th Ward Apartment, about 2 miles from where the levee was blown up. GOD be with and bless you all. — Vinny the Pug —   Allen Kimble, Jr 1 week ago

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