For Rockaway residents to know:

VOTING – PS 180 Scholars Academy Beach 104 + Beach Channel Drive

Any people with pets that need a hand can contact ARF ARF at 917-903-6518


-Our amazing, huge, new location at B100th st and William F Burke, which can use volunteers, and I think is pretty well stocked right now. This went from dirty gym in the back of a church to massive donation center with a ton of volunteers in like an hour or two today. High fives all around to the people that made it happen.

-Nordeck Community Room on 57 doesn’t need more volunteers or donations, they’ve been flooded


Right now B100, B113 and B38 are our main hubs, B113 being the HQ. Today we secured a second storefront on B113 and cleaned it out but it won’t be completely ready until tomorrow. Meanwhile, we’re going to turn the Yana space into a clinic, I believe, to manage all the medical volunteers. Diego can speak better to these plans.

IT’S VERY IMPORTANT that we know every day who the volunteer dispatchers are in St Jacobi and Clinton Hill so we can stay in touch with them about needs, where to send volunteers, etc. We’re also getting offers for new spaces and distributing donations out to new aid centers all the time, so it’s hard to be updating y’all, specially with the terrible phone reception. In these instances, please just send people to B113 for now, and we’ll dispatch from there.


Tomorrow we’re going to scope out a couple of new locations where we might be setting up further east in the Rockaways, which is an area that seems poorer, more devastated and receiving less aid. We have leads on 3 locations further east than our 38th st hub. Today we sent out mobile units in that direction but hopefully we can have something more permanent by tomorrow that can be promoted for donations, drivers, etc.

Also tomorrow, courtesy of some very generous donors, we’re getting 300 flashlights and 2 Uhaul trucks full of donations, that will be distributed mainly at Public Housing Projects on B54, where 30,000 residents have thus far received no aid beyond bagels distributed by other community members.

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