Sandy Volunteer In Person Meeting – Tuesday 11/20

Dear Occupy Sandy Community!

Occupy Sandy formed out of crisis not to perform disaster relief, but to build long-term relationships with communities and to fight against disaster capitalism.

As we move into the fourth week of the Occupy Sandy project, we need to ensure that communication is accessible to everyone involved and decisions on how we move forward are made in equitable ways.  This is no small challenge!  Below are two ways that we believe will help us move in that direction.

1. Regular in person meetings (more info below)

2. Regular conference calls every Monday and Thursday at 9PM EST that anyone can join (more info below)

All of this information can be found here.

1. In person meeting – Tuesday, 11/20, 7:30 PM.  St. Jacobi Church in Sunset Park, 5406 4th ave


Where have we been?

(How did Occupy Sandy come about? What are the decisions that were made that got this project off the ground? By whom and how were they made? What structures were established for decision-making and allocation of funds and resources? How has our work been received by effected communities and the larger audience?)

Where are we now?

(What is the work that is currently happening on the ground? How is it evolving and what plans are currently in development? Are there logistical limitations to the work we’re doing and how can it be improved?)

Where are we going?

(What are our goals and intentions for the Occupy Sandy Project both in the short term and long term? What are the needs and goals of the communities we have been working with and how what roles do we play within that?)

How do we get there?

(Most likely will not be addressed within this meeting, but we should keep this question in mind as we gather information to work towards getting on the same page in hopes of moving forward in an accessible and equitable way.)

When is the next meeting?

(What action steps do we need to fulfill before then?)


2. Regular Conference Calls – On the last Occupy Sandy call we decided on a regular call schedule for Mondays and Thursdays at 9pm EST.

Since the early days of Occupy Sandy, certain kinds of decisions with impact on the entire network, i.e. resource allocation, have been made via InterOcc conference call. These calls have always been open to anyone, but we know that not everyone has been aware of them or known how to access them.

Please spread the word about these calls to everyone at your sites, so we can make them as accessible as possible to everyone involved with the recovery effort. Please note: This week we will NOT have a call Thursday night as it is Thanksgiving.

There are two easy ways to get on the call.  The best is to register at the link below.  This allows us to have a more orderly call as your name will be listed on the dashboard and we can call on you when you wish to speak.  You can use the same call in number for all calls after registering for the first time.


If you want to share information about the call to someone who CANNOT get to internet to register, they can use the call in number below:


+1 (530) 216-4363

PIN 633112


Anyone can add to the weekly agenda at the link below.

A list of regular report-backs that will come before other agenda items can be found at the link below.  Please add agenda items under the list of regular report-backs and put your name next to any agenda item you add.


We need conference call facilitators!  If you would like to learn how to facilitate using the Maestro conference call system, please e-mail Tammy at and to set up a training.

We also need to begin building overall facilitation skills for in-person meetings. If you would like to help bottom-line facilitation training, please think about working with others to begin to fulfill this need.

It’s a joy to work with you all and we hope everyone will feel empowered to assert their voices as we move forward together. This project belongs to all of us who have expended blood, sweat, and tears and who continue to have hopes and dreams for our future work together.

Thank you for everything you do!



Occupy Sandy Team

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