Thank you, girls and boys.

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We old people stayed in our apartments, lonely and despaired. Our saved water was running out. Everybody understood: “No complains, it is a National disaster!

Suddenly a knock at the door- young girls and boys, volunteers. They brought food, candles, and most important they brought water. It was the Occupy Sandy “Army”!They climbed 17 floors with backpacks filled with water bottles. One boy came twice, he brought bottles and buckets full of water. The name of this boy is  (volunteer). He had no time to rest a little bit. He was in a hurry to reach other people.

It is hard to imagine the feeling of deep gratitude we feel for these girls and boys. We met our neighbours on the corridor and everybody said how amazed they were and how thankful. They didn’t feel lonely anymore. The volunteers didn’t bring only water, they brought their heart, and this heart gives more heat than the radiators.

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