Volunteer Update for Monday November 5th

Hello Superstars –

Thank you so much for the overwhelming generosity, patience and commitment from all of you. You are all heroes.

We have some updates for those of you who can lend a hand tomorrow. Please read on.


We will be transporting volunteers and supplies from St Jacobi Church in Sunset Park and from 520 Clinton to impacted areas throughout the day.

It is very important that new volunteers come to Sunset Park if possible so that we can route you to the locations with the greatest need, rather than going directly to one of the volunteer sites. Please heed this request!

To catch a ride, vehicles will be leaving from the following Brooklyn locations at 10am and 1pm. Please arrive a little before the hour as cars will be leaving on time!

Willimsburg: 306 Leonard (Meet outside)
East Williamsburg: 342 Maujer st bay ridge.

Transportation update
Everyone else must use the MTA to get to Jacobi or 520 Clinton. Please visit www.mta.info or www.hopstop.com for directions.

Staten Island Ferry will be running starting at Noon 11/2
NY water taxi providing free rides from ikea to lower manhattan

DONATIONS: Please check www.occupysandy.com regularly – locations and items needed are changing daily.


** SPECIAL NOTICE TO ROCKAWAY VOLUNTEERS: if you intend to go to Rockaway from St Jacobi or 520 Clinton please wear waterproof shoes, bring latex gloves to go underneath their working gloves. If available, bring flashlights to work in basements and shovels to get rid of water. Also a great need of cars–with gas. Lots of them. Without a doubt–people said they need PEOPLE–not supplies. PEOPLE to help them with their homes.

Do not arrive in Rockaway after 6:30pm. Please abide this request!!!

**SPECIAL NOTICE TO STATEN ISLAND VOLUNTEERS: Traffic congestion is a serious problem there. Please use bikes, shopping carts, “granny carts” and carpool as much as possible.


Garfield Temple (8th ave and garfield) is cooking up meals for many nabes in brooklyn. They are looking for help tomorrow morning at 9 to cook breakfast. We were there today and it is a well organized effort cooking up 800 meals.

Generation Gap 2904 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (718) 975-0447 ‎ Needs volunteers to clean senior citizens’ private homes provide transportation to get senior citizens to voting polls on Tuesday, November 6th


GOLES is running low on supplies. Please bring:
-Baby Items, baby foods ( lots)
-Flashlights & candles
-Peanut Butter & Jelly
-Bottled Water
-Fruit n vegetables
-Sliced Bread
– Feminine hygiene products

To 6th Street Community Center. 638 East 6th st. Between Avenue B and C before 5pm please.

Volunteers needed at 106 Sussex Avenue in Newark to deliver supplies to homebound families.

Christian Pentecostal Church, 900 Richmond Rd, corner of Ralph Pl, Desperately needs volunteers! Especially this week, Monday – Friday, 9-5pm. There is a long-term need for volunteers, ages 18 and up. The church is located along the s74 & s76 bus routes and walking distance from s53 stop at corner of Clove Rd/narrows Rd & Richmond Rd.

That’s all for now. Sleep well.

The Occupy Sandy Team

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