Family to Family Program Helps Sandy Victims for the Holiday Season

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How it works: This holiday, Queens is starting the Family to Family program.

The goal: Queens Mamas will put volunteers in touch with a family that has signed up for the program. The volunteers will then work directly with the family to make their season more comfortable and happy. While the program’s immediate focus is trying to give these families a little bit of joy and cheer for the holidays, we hope that volunteers will forge a relationship that can last beyond the family together with another.

Local families from areas affected by Hurricane Sandy will be matched up with individuals and volunteer families in local NYC areas to work toward making this holiday season one of joy and remembrance for all. Affected families need only fill out their name and contact information in order to be matched with a volunteer who can help them with gifts, decorations, services, food, and any other specific needs. For volunteers, the only two qualifications for being a part of this program are a big heart, and an open schedule. Becoming a volunteer does not mean you have to agree to a huge financial responsibility either. Thanks to the Queens Mamas catalog of local and national resources, products, and services, the volunteer families will have access to hundreds of ways to help for free. Our network of sponsors will fully assist volunteers in providing these families with what they need for the holiday season.

For more information and to participate in Family to Family please visit

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