Staten Island Community Door-to-Door Mutual Aid Project Begins 12/27

Midland Beach Mutual Aid Follow Up Conversation Project : Stepping Up & Bringing the Mutual Aid Door to Door Begins 12/27!

On Dec 27th we will begin a comprehensive door to door mapping & phone bank effort to begin the scheduling of a conversation style Mutual Aid interview with the neighbors of Midland Beach affected by Sandy.

Outreach efforts to date have had a materialistic damage response focus in their polling of information using a list of available support reverse engineered into leading questions. Long Lists of Multiple Choice Responses to get emergency Mutual Aid out to those in need.

Standing in doorways with a clipboard isn’t the most conducive way to learn about the communities we look to serve during the long rebuilding process after Sandy. Many neighbors are not in their homes regular hours or when we call (in person or on the phone) do not have the time to answer many questions.

Initial contact has already been made with over 2000+ households through canvasing, use of resources at 1128 Olympia or direct delivery of Mutual Aid by Occupy Sandy volunteers since Sandy hit but this is only a small portion of the neighborhood.

By creating a comprehensive outreach effort to all neighbors in the 10305 & 10306 Zip Codes in Midland Beach on Staten Island New York we hope to begin a series of conversations on the individual level about the post hurricane Sandy needs of the community.

Using traditional phone banking outreach we plan to create a database to be used by the 1128 Olympia Community Hub to develop & dispatch long term Mutual Aid via a long form interview to be done after Jan 2nd 2013 by two person teams.

Once created the outreach effort should give an accurate thumbnail of resident’s contact with our Sandy Mutual Aid Network & what neighbors are currently displaced.

Connecting all Midland Beach residents both current & those displaced with support available through the Occupy Sandy Mutual Aid is our primary & guiding focus in gathering this information.

Any & All information shared is private & will strictly be used to provide information on future Sandy Aid Support. It will not be shared.

Efforts will start with a week or two of data entry & then a targeted door to door canvasing project will be developed for after Jan 1st.

When we do send out our door to door teams with clip boards & a short list of questions they will have in tow a cart with boxes of Healthy Food Support Mutual Aid to share with responding neighbors.

City Harvest & Neighbors Helping Neighbors are providing regular food support through Staten Island’s Food Pantries and this sample offering is open to any Midland Beach residents even if they choose not to respond.

After the data entry has begun the next step in all this is scheduling the conversation either with a follow up phone call from information already collected or by a targeted door to door canvasing.

Help is needed on all levels and of all skill sets!

If you cannot help in person or online can you please forward this project via email, word of mouth or via your favorite social media platform?

Midland Beach has asked for our long term support- help us help them take the first step by Occupying Mutual Aid one conversation at a time with us Dec 27 – Dec 30.

Occupy Sandy Staten Island 1128 Olympia Community Hub

Daily Onsite Needs:

  • 1 Driver for Volunteer Van at 520 Clinton Available (9:30 AM- 5:30 PM)
  • 1 Volunteer for Site Coordination (11 AM – 4 PM)
  • 1 Volunteer for Community Resource Distro (11 AM – 4 PM)
  • 1 Volunteer for Community Tool Library (11 AM – 4 PM)
  • 1 Volunteer for Communication & Dispatch (Times Varies)
  • 2 Volunteers for Free Store & Individual Mutual Aid Support (11 AM – 4 PM)
  • 4-6 Volunteers to Phone Bank & Basic Office Data Entry

Daily Desktop & Offsite Needs:

  • Social Media Support on Twitter & Facebook
  • Online Mutual Aid research & Donation Cultivation
  • Email & Phone Outreach
  • Community Outreach & Mutual Aid Development
  • Graphic Design & Flyer Creation

Can you fill one of these roles as apart of Occupy Sandy’s Mutual Aid efforts?

Plan of Action

Day One:

  • Set Basic Frame Work
  • Cut Out Turfs for Scheduling Door to Door
  • Begin Volunteer Outreach
  • Set up Phone Bank Process
  • Continue Data Entry from handwritten books
  • Locate Data from online sources (Google Docs, Mapplr, Sahana, Etc)

Day Two:

  • Cut Out Turfs
  • Volunteer Outreach
  • Phone Banking
  • Data Entry

How to Help with MBMAC

Join us at 9:30 AM- 5:30 PM Daily at 520 Clinton to be driven to 1128 Olympia Blvd in Midland Beach to volunteer all day. Site to Site transportation & Lunch Provided.

Volunteer Center is open from 11 AM – 4 PM


If you can help contact us directly or join us in person!

Thank you!!

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