Minutes | Website Update | Dec 9 2012

Next steps for occupysandy.org

design project pages
mockup community callouts on home page
mockup community page
add footer callout for coord
upload design files
revise lists css

custom posts for library (done)
featured post on home page
form to submit news
add “submit news” button to top of “newswire” page (formerly “updates”)
create library page (in resources section)

adapt cards plugin to create list view
facilitate wordpress staging discussion

test gravity forms, determine if it’s good for projects form
look at shortcodes on calendar: aren’t working
choose flickr gallery plugin for community pages (or ask dana?)

write intro paragraph for home page
investigate needs for community pages
write email re:haiti callouts
ask jackie et al about email replies that could be FAQ content

merge google site content into coord hub

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