STATEN ISLAND: Volunteers Urgently Needed Thursday 12/13 and Friday 12/14

Volunteers are urgently needed on Staten Island this Thursday and Friday (12/13-12/14) to go door to door inviting people to a community gathering that is happening this Saturday.

The gathering has been organized by community members to create a space for dialogue, healing and collective action. It is imperative that we alert the greater community about this gathering and provide them with the opportunity to become involved. Staten Island was one of the hardest hit areas with many residents still without electricity and heat. The Island now faces a public health crisis as mold grows rampant while bureaucracies stall in their response.

Staten Island will be Heard and with your help we can make sure that their voice is amplified. Please consider volunteering for this important work.

If you live in Staten Island please meet us at 11am at the Occupy Sandy at 1128 Olympia Blvd. If you are traveling in from another area, please meet at 520 Clinton Ave in Brooklyn at 9:30am. Our van will be leaving from there to Staten Island. We also need more vehicles to partake in a car pool so if you have a vehicle please consider bringing it. We will return to Brooklyn around 5:30pm each day.

Also if you haven’t already, please LIKE the official Facebook Page for the Hub at 1128 Olympia to receive important updates.

In Unity,

1128 Olympia Occupy Sandy hub on Staten Island

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