Occupy Sandy New Jersey Volunteer Opportunities as of Wednesday 1/9/13

OSNJ Volunteer Opportunities

Occupy Sandy New Jersey has been working around the clock to build a community-based recovery network so the people of New Jersey can drive the collective response to the disaster. We need your help to make the network live up to its potential. Each Saturday thousands of volunteers are working throughout the state in countless local efforts, including the ones listed below.

There are also opportunities throughout the week, as well as organizing tasks you can work on from your home, anywhere in the country. For more information, please visit our website at www.OccupySandyNJ.org, or contact OccupySandyNJ@interoccupy.net.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone planning to participate in “muck-outs,” house-guttings, or other demolition work should wear waterproof boots, waterproof work gloves, and heavy duty work clothing, and P100 masks.

Thanks for everything you do!

Occupy Sandy New Jersey

Northern New Jersey


General Info

OSNJ has partnered with the North Jersey Vineyard Church to provide volunteers and resources to Metropolitan and Vanguard mobile home parks in Moonachie.

Project Info

Saturday 1/12: Volunteers MUST attend orientation session held at 8:00am OR 12:30pm

Tasks will include insulation removal/installment, floor removal/installment, wall removal/installment, general demo and canvassing.

*Please bring hammers, pry-bars and work goggles if possible

Central/Coastal New Jersey


General Info

OSNJ has partnered with the VFW in Port Monmouth to connect and support neighborhoods and communities affected by hurricane sandy (Keansburg, Keyport, Union Beach, Hazlet, and the Highlands). We are gutting/demolishing/cleaning out houses and distributing free hot, healthy food to people 7 days a week.

Project Info

Saturday 1/12: Volunteers needed 9am – 5pm to help run more crews to meet the needs of the towns where we are working. Our main need currently is for clean up and food prep volunteers.

Donation Needs

  • Demolition/gutting/work gear: P-100 respirator masks (25 ct) and matching pink filter replacements (100 ct) , OSHA N95 masks (200 ct), large floor pry bars (4 ct), salamander heaters/room heaters with safety sensors, work gloves, tyvek coveralls, work boots.
  • Food distribution: Stainless steel hotel pans for warming and serving food (8 ct) medium and deep sizes, disposable aluminum catering/serving trays size long/large (100 ct), sternos, all types of preferably biodegradable/recyclable food serving products, soup containers (8-10 oz), packaged cutlery (spoons, knives, forks), small clam shells to-go containers ( approx size 5.7 x 5.625 x 3.75), and large clam shell to go containers with partitions (approx. size — 9.9 x 3.75), cups, cups with lids, (10-12 oz).
  • Food: Food needs at the VFW are bulk donations of raw and canned vegetables, non perishable canned food such as red sauce, broths, soups, etc; greens, milk, meats (chicken, turkey, beef), eggs, other non-meat proteins such as tempeh and seitan, and canned and dry beans. Please contact to coordinate donations. Drop off at VFW between 10a – 7p



General Info

Volunteer opportunities to help residents in Manasquan area.

Project Info

Saturday 1/12 9:00am sharp!

Tasks will include muck outs/clean ups

Donation Needs

OSHA approved P100 masks, rubber gloves, goggles & tyvek suits

Point Pleasant


General Info

Volunteer opportunities to help residents in Point Pleasant area.

Project Info

Saturday 1/12 8:15am sharp!

Tasks will include muck outs/clean ups

Donation Needs

OSHA approved P100 masks, rubber gloves, goggles & tyvek suits

*Volunteer opportunities also available at this location during the week. Please email to schedule!



General Info

The Transport Workers Union – Local 234 in Philadelphia has generously opened its doors to Occupy Sandy NJ, giving us our own much-needed distribution hub in a great location. The Occupy Philly community has rallied to help our friends, family, and neighbors in New Jersey, and we are so grateful to have a base for OSNJ operations, thanks to the support and solidarity of the transit workers of Philadelphia.

Project Info

We are accepting Volunteers Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm to assist with organizing in all capacities.

We are accepting Volunteers on Saturday 1/12 10am – 4pm to assist with a medley of tasks, including work days on the Jersey shore.

Donation Info

  • Current Needs: Safety and muck-out equipment:
    OSHA P100 FACEMASKS, waterproof boots, waterproof work-gloves, hazmat suits and/or heavy-duty overalls, tarps, waterproof plastic bins, pry-bars, garbage bags, headlamps/flashlights, and batteries. Paint brushes, paint/spray paint donations of the following colors blue, green, orange, yellow, white.
  • Construction equipment and personal appliances:
    Tables, Gorilla tape, personal newer computers, large cardboard boxes, Drywall, floorboards, lumber, joints, insulation, wiring, hot water heaters, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, dish-washers, gas or electric ranges/ovens, newer-model personal computers, electric wheelchairs, & generators

“Walk a Mile in Our Shoes”

Locations in NY & NJ!

January, 12th 9AM

New York City

Nassau County

New Jersey

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