Volunteers Needed on Monday 2/4 in Staten Island!

Monday, February 4, 11-3pm 

1128 Olympia, Staten Island 
Volunteers need to bring a laptop

RSVP to Karen at karen_jackson@projecthospitality.org

Volunteers will be inputting data that was collected in a wide-spread canvass of the beaches impacted by super storm Sandy.  The data collection project was a collaboration with the Occupy Sandy network. The compilation of this information is critical for identifying people who are still in immediate crisis (such as those living without heat).

It will also help us make appropriate referrals for households that requested legal assistance, mold remediation, counseling services etc. This data will give us a sense of what people’s greatest needs are – and will allow us to request grassroots orgs, non-profit orgs, and local and state government to provide new services to meet these needs. This is a key piece in the relief effort.

Your help is most appreciated!

Thank you!
Occupy Sandy and Project Hospitality

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