Artists & Builders Needed to Build Rockaway Memorial Sculpture




I am an artist, organizer, and life-long New Yorker and I have been developing a project to build a collaborative memorial sculpture made from salvaged materials in the Rockaways.

It will have a permanent home in a community garden on Beach 59th Street.

The unveiling ceremony will take place on Saturday, May 4th, a block away from the garden on the waterfront. The event will take place right after the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance’s 7th Annual Earth Day Festival.

A number of local groups are supporting the project, and there will be a substantial amount of youth involvement through schools and community programs. Some students will be creating art objects that will be incorporated into the sculpture, and youth will also be invited to participate in build days and perform at the unveiling ceremony.

We need skilled carpenters, builders, and artists. Please email if you are interested in being a volunteer builder!

We are looking for community-minded builders and also people willing to lend battery operated tools during the project. No tools will be left overnight and we do not have access to electricity unless someone donates a portable generator.

Volunteers should be enthusiastic about working with local residents.  People who can drive and/or have access to a vehicle will also be helpful. Bilingual speakers are a plus.

Finally, anyone who wants to donate to this project should feel welcome! I’d be happy to mail you a color poster of the attached image as a reward for your donation.

Please email with any questions!

Sandy left a destructive mark on the landscape of the Rockaways, but this project is an opportunity to facilitate community involvement in creating an artwork signifying an affirmative vision for years to come. Come be a part of it!


Deep thanks,

Sarah Quinter

community artist & organizer

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