Help Us Make Sure Money Raised Goes to ALL Sandy Survivors


Billions have been raised in the name of Sandy victims but the poorest, people of color in the Rockaways and some of the hardest hit are being denied those donations—including the recent denial of the Robin Hood Foundation’s Board of Directors to even entertain a proposal from the Action Center.

Following hurricane Sandy, the Action Center, a non-profit corporation that has served the Rockaway community for over 12 years morphed into a relief center that has worked tirelessly to serve the neediest—many residents living 200% below the poverty level that are now battling widespread mold growth and illness in the aftermath of Sandy.

We seek your help today to ensure that the poorest Rockaway residents are not left behind like the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Let them know that they have not been forgotten: request an explanation in writing from the Robin Hood Board of Directors as to why funding was not even considered and send notice to the other groups who raised funding in the name of Sandy victims that you are watching to see that these funds are actually going to those who need it the most.

Please sign our petition and spread the word to your press contacts — the public should be informed, and allowed to intervene on behalf of NYC residents in need.

Sign the Petition!

Thank you for everything you do.

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