Occupy Sandy/Beacon High School Need Your Help Today 3/21 & Respond&Rebuild Announces T-Shirt Design Competition

Occupy Sandy in conjunction with the Beacon High School completed a territory-wide canvass last Thursday and Friday.  Our people in Staten Island need help entering some of this data!

What:  Data entry!

Where:  Project Hospitality, 100 Park Ave, Staten Island

When:  Thursday March 21st, 3pm – 8pm

Required:  A laptop or tablet

Why:  Because you love helping people!

Contact:  OccupySandyStatenIsland@gmail.com

Sign up on our Volunteer Form!

Pizza will be served!

 Respond & Rebuild announces a T-Shirt Design Competition! Think You Can?

Respond & Rebuild is a volunteer organization started in the wake of Sandy by a group of friends who volunteered together in Haiti. They provide a free service of mucking out, gutting out, removing mold and rebuilding homes of Rockaway residents affected by Hurricane Sandy.


Contest details:

  • Can you hone your graphic design skills on a logo that makes mold removal as hip and cool as the Respond & Rebuild staff makes mold removal?
  • Can you design a rockin “Mold-Slayer” T-shirt?
  • Can you make “Spore-Busting” the next big thing?
  • Can you create a design that is as awesome as the feeling you get when you help clean an NYC family’s home of mold?
  • Think You Can?
  • Email us your design (find t-shirt templates here), and make sure you have “liked” our facebook page.
  • Keep checking back and we will put your design on our Facebook page in our
  • “T-Shirt Design Contest” album, then tell your friends to “like” us too so they can vote!
  • The three designs with the most votes from our Facebook friends will be voted on by the Respond & Rebuild Team and the winning design will become our first t-shirt!


  1. Submissions will only be accepted from March 14, 2013 12:00 PM (EST) to April 1st, 2013 11:59 PM (EST).
  2. Email submissions to jason@respondandrebuild.org
  3. All entry emails should have the subject line “T-shirt Design Contest Submission – First Name, Last Name.”
  4. Submit one design per person. If you submit more than one, only your first submission in order of date and time will be considered.
  5. You must be at least 16 years of age to win.
  6. The Design must include “Respond & Rebuild” in the logo somewhere in the design.
  7. Submit only original designs. These designs must not contain copyrighted material and they cannot have previously won any awards.
  8. Submit front t-shirt designs only. There should be no text or visuals on the back of the shirt.
  9. Attach entries as medium resolution JPEG or pdf files.
  10. Please be prepared to submit the original Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop file in the case your artwork is chosen.
  11. Any artwork and writing submitted will not be returned, and becomes property of Respond & Rebuild.


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