Rockaways Residents Respond to MoMA’s PS1 Design Competition

Rockaways Residents tell MoMA to “Ask First”

In mid-February, MoMA PS1 announced a “Call for Ideas” on how to create a sustainable waterfront in the Rockaways. Soliciting artists, architects, urban planners and designers to submit proposals, they organized a series of lectures, preesentations, and exhibits to highlight the submissions in a “Relief and Cultural Dome” in Rockaway Beach.

Josh Kogan, an artist and advocate, noticed the lack of community engagement in the process of developing proposals, and hit the ground in the Rockaways to ask how local residents felt about the rebuilding process. He compiled his interviews in a short video, “Ask First,” a powerful local response to MoMA PS1’s request for proposals.

Check out the Video, here!

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