July 24th: Stop the Post Superstorm Sandy Land Grab in NYC! All the People into the Streets! Flood the Hearing with Our Demands!

The people of New York City are in the fight of our lives.  Bloomberg and his Housing Authority want to build luxury towers on the parks and playgrounds of Lower East Side and Harlem public housing projects.  On July 24th, public housing residents will take over the NYCHA Draft Annual Plan hearing to demand that NYCHA immediately terminate the plan.In order to turn the community out for this GOLES needs a big boost of volunteers to do 2-hour door-knocking sessions all this week up until July 24th.Good Old Lower East Side [GOLES] did a massive amount of post-Sandy recovery work and they welcomed the Occupy Sandy network to contribute to their immediate recovery efforts. They are also now very involved in the long-term recovery work, and are integral in coalition building with groups across the city.

The NYCHA plan to build infield has been on the city’s agenda for years now, but it is now a part of a post-hurricane land grab that is occurring across the city.  This is a shock doctrine model: The Sandy crisis is providing opportunities to accelerate existing privatization plans.

The people demand:

1. An immediate halt the NYCHA land grab;

2. That NYCHA adopt a disaster preparedness plan, working class New Yorkers will never tolerate another Hurricane Sandy;

3. An end to Stop & Frisk: NYPD charges public housing $75 Million annually for “special services”; i.e. residents pay for the privilege of being harassed;

4. That NYCHA reverse its plan to fire 500 union workers and close 106 Senior citizen and community centers.


GOLES needs all hands on deck all week!   Could you turn out to a two-hour door-knocking session in the affected developments?  

Volunteers will be joining the members and staff of Good Old Lower East Side [GOLES] in this effort.  It only takes 2 hours — do it once, or do it every day, Monday – Friday until our July 24th demonstration.  See the calendar and the flyer below for more information!

To join door-knocking, write GOLES public housing organizer Julian Morales [julian@goles.org] or me [joel.feingold@gmail.com] to RSVP.

You can also just show up; be sure to call GOLES at 212-358-1231 to check the location, but most days we’ll meet at GOLES: 169 Ave. B between E. 10th and E. 11th Street.

Our outreach schedule is as follows:

Week of Monday, July 15 – Friday, July 19 // Everyday at 4pm

Sunday, July 21 – Tuesday, July 23 // Final blitz.  Hours TBA.

If you can’t make door-knocking but would like to support this work, you can donate to GOLES here. AND you can spread the word by forwarding this email to all of your contacts.

The people of New York City will not be defeated!

One comment on “July 24th: Stop the Post Superstorm Sandy Land Grab in NYC! All the People into the Streets! Flood the Hearing with Our Demands!

  1. Hi, Me and my husband own a small bakery in Pawtucket, R.I. and last year we did a fundraiser for the people in the Rockaways. We posted a message on our facebook page and the word spread. We drove down 1 week after the hurricane and delivered to a church near Rockaway Beach. We had gathered Brand new clothes and medicine, diapers you name it that we could. Enough to fill a 26foot truck. And then we did it again 2 weeks later with supplies including bleach and cleaners, which is what we saw everyone needed except this time the church was closed so we brought it to Breezy Point I believe it was a beach club. Anyway with it coming up on almost a year since this awful Superstorm wiped out portions of the East Coast I wanted to do it all again. I looked a little online but couldnt find what we could bring. I know school has started so maybe school clothes books, backpacks. Where we are in R.I. isn’t the richest part of the state so I feel like while money may always help people here may not have it. But as I said in my original facebook post, “we all have stuff”, gifts of clothes never used anything. It was amazing the stuff that filled that 1st truck. Brand new jackets from a local store, boxes and boxes of new gloves, hats, scarfs. We wanted to make sure it went to everyone and with a lack of volunteers there, we sorted all of the clothes by size for adults children boys and girls. We had a local photography studio and children’s boutique, a dance studio, a private school over 50 miles from us all help. I know we could get whatever you need. Please let me know, or please direct me to someone who can let me know. Everyone still asks about our friends in NY and we want to make sure everyone is not forgotten. Please if there is a family or neighborhood struggling please let us know. We will bring the items to you as we did in the past. Thanks for all you do.
    Rhonda Lemieux
    Diva’s Sweet Treats Cupcakery