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The Climate Justice Alliance along with allies and friends mobilized in force to the streets of New York City on September 21, 2014 to demand Climate Action rooted in Justice for frontline communities across the U.S. and around the world.  Seven frontline community members from across the U.S. and around the world spoke at the official press conference of the March. See below for a video of the speakers and the amazing People’s Climate March, followed by a press round-up of select articles.

Press Release: World Leaders prefer photo ops with community members rather than real talk

Photographs on our Flickr Page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ourpower/

Press Coverage:

Naomi Klein Tells YES!: People’s Climate March Is a “Glimpse of the Movement We Need”

“This was called “The People’s Climate March,” and it felt like a people’s march. It didn’t just feel like activists and NGOs. It felt like communities, … When you see the kind of hope that climate action represents—to people in places like the South Bronx and other low-income communities of color in the U.S., but also in countries like Bolivia—it is because it directly addresses foundational issues around why our societies are so unequal.

“This is why I think justice has to be front and center.”

When NOT to march (or rally)

“First, it’s important to say why the People’s Climate March might fit this framework of using a march to shift a movement, and why it might be different. …Perhaps most importantly, the organizers sought to highlight the work of Climate Justice Alliance, or CJA, members representing indigenous communities and other communities of color who are the hardest-hit by climate change…. In fact, the ripple effects from the march may end up being most powerful inside the climate movement itself: embodying a new way of taking leadership from and honoring the struggles of working-class communities of color, while emphasizing grassroots participation and action, rather than individual movement leaders.”

What’s Wrong With the Radical Critique of the People’s Climate March

“CJA put out a call to action that accomplished several important things. First, it inserted a deeper structural analysis into the mobilization, both naming corporate profit and power as culprit and articulating how different communities—indigenous peoples, people of color and working-class whites, for example—are disproportionately impacted. Second, CJA called for nonviolent tactical escalation. Indeed, Flood Wall Street was initiated in response to this call. Third, the call helped build Sunday’s massive march by encouraging CJA’s social bases and allies to attend the march and organize delegations. By insisting that the people who are affected by the climate crisis should be involved in the solutions, CJA positively altered the composition, framing, and narrative of the march.”

Front-Lines Communities Rising Up: Dispatches from People’s Climate, Common Dreams:

This article has a great compilation of photographs and quotes.

“The front-lines of the climate crisis are low-income people, communities of color and indigenous communities here in the US and around the globe,” said Cindy Wiesner, Co-Director of the Climate Justice Alliance. “We are the hardest hit by both climate disruption—the storms, floods and droughts—as well as by the extractive, polluting and wasteful industries causing global warming. We are also at the forefront of innovative community-led solutions that ensure a just transition off fossil fuels, and that support an economy good for both people and the planet. That is why Climate Justice Alliance members are here in the thousands, to march and say to global leaders: we have the solutions to ecological and economic crises.”

After years of racial division the green movement gets a little brown, The Daily Beast:

“But instead of communities and organizations of color being relegated to tokenistic window dressing, as is too often the case across many parts of the progressive movement, the Climate Justice Alliance members didn’t just get a seat at the table, they set the table. Re-imagined it, even. “Early on, representatives from the Climate Justice Alliance introduced the Jemez Principles,” said Cindy Weisner, national coordinator of the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance. The Jemez Principles of democratic organizing were created by grassroots communities of color and put inclusion and equal participation in the organizing process ahead of mere transactional efficiency—in other words, a huge departure for the big greens that are used to transactional efficiency.”

Climate justice resurfaces admist New York’s corporate sharks, Telesurtv:

With UN Climate Summit Opening, Marchers Rallied Around the World, National Geographic:

Thousands pack New York’s streets to march against climate change, Los Angeles Times:

Planetexperts Video: heart-melting interview with Michael and Carina at 3:26:

Hundreds Of Thousands Turn Out For People’s Climate March In New York City, Huffington Post:

One big march, lots of little messages, Grist:

Climate change march brings thousands to New York, Washington Examiner:

A Lively Atmosphere at the People’s Climate March, Firedoglake:

More Than 310,000 People Descend On New York To March For Climate Action, Think Progress:

The Daily Show: http://youtu.be/lPgZfhnCAdI

Democracy Now:

Idle No More: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs585zaaMbM

3000 Protesters “Flood” Wall Street, TelesurTV:

During Climate Week, Indigenous People Seek Environmental Reform and Social Justice:

Flooding the streets, SF Bay Guardian:

Global Coverage:

La protesta global contra el cambio climático reclama acción urgent, El Periodico:

New York fait ville pleine contre le réchauffement climatique, Le Monde:

Analysis from our Climate Space international allies:

Climate Change: Not Just Any Action Will Do, by Pablo Solon

How Did Leaders Respond to the People’s Climate March? by Pablo Solon

Climate justice gets a new lease on life, by Patrick Bond

While UN Climate Summit Makes False Promises, People’s Climate Justice Summit Brings Community-led Solutions by Matt Feinstein


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