Seas of Resistance


One month ago, global leaders took their seats at the United Nations Climate Summit to discuss the future of our world – a future that affects us all.

One month ago, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets for the People’s Climate March and Flood Wall Street, to confront the root cause of the climate crisis – an economic system based on exploiting frontline communities, workers and our planet. We took the streets to demand Climate Justice, helped draw national attention to our ongoing work, and our hopes for a better world.

“We now understand that there needs to be a sense of urgency, of mobilization and pressure from below because our leaders really have failed us…it’s not just about what me, the individual consumer can do because that’s not gonna do it, it’s ok, where do I have the potential to organize and act collectively, and be a real force. ”

– Naomi Klein, Into the Streets

 Both the march and the action on Wall Street provided key platforms for Climate Justice advocates to build momentum, share stories, and come together in the public eye. Both actions grabbed the attention of global mainstream media outlets and produced coverage that outlined real climate justice narratives, and showcased the transformative space we created. Space filled with art, song, and testimony from both local and global community voices.

“We know that climate change is being worsened and exacerbated by all of the systemic profiteering that’s happening throughout our world. And it’s time for that to stop. If you haven’t been involved in climate justice activism before, it’s time to get involved…because this is affecting all of us.”

– Kalin Callaghan, Rockaway Wildfire

Now, in the wake of these powerful actions it is our job to keep the momentum up, to continue this work, to continue to stand in solidarity with one another and “demand that our local, national and international decision makers support us in building just transitional pathways away from the ‘dig, burn, dump economy, towards ‘local, living economies’ where communities and workers are in charge.” – Our Power Campaign

Let our seas of resistance rise!

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