Cross-Rockaway Incubation Team

The Cross-Rockaway Incubation Team (CRIT) is a local participatory budgeting project for distribution of funds raised through Occupy Sandy.


The Cross-Rockaway Incubation Team (CRIT) is a group of Rockaway residents and disaster recovery organizers affiliated with Occupy Sandy who have come together to offer funding opportunities for Rockaway-based and focused organizations as well as local residents with unmet needs.

Organizations can apply for grants of $500 to $5,000 dollars. Individuals can apply for grants of $50 to $2,500 dollars for urgent home repair and basic furnishings, but must be referred by an organization providing relief services in the Rockaways willing to advocate on their behalf.


The CRIT has allocated nearly $90,000 in donated funds. The majority of funds were allocated to Rockaways-based organizations that were affected by the storm and are helping their communities recover stronger. A portion of funds were granted to individuals who have needed additional financial support in order to rebuild and move back into their homes. Priority was given to individuals who did not qualify for FEMA assistance, or did not receive adequate support from FEMA, insurance, or other institutional support.

An additional $60,000 was allocated to the three main projects of Occupy Sandy whose work is located in, and focused on, the rebuilding and recovery of the Rockaways. These projects are collaborations between Occupy Sandy organizers from outside of the community as well as residents and business-owners with deep ties to the Rockaway community.

Funds were allocated over the course of three rounds of monthly deadlines and review periods beginning in June 2013. The CRIT is a nine-person team made up of five Rockaway residents and four non-residents.  Summary of allocations can be found here.


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