FLO Solutions

FLO Solutions for Disaster Relief is a project that brings the best free/libre/open-source tools and techniques to New York City-based disaster relief groups and helps them document their best practices and share them with people around the world.


Coordination on the ground requires coordinated technology. If groups are connected to one another’s operations, they can fill in gaps, address immediate needs, and build on each other’s work. On the other hand, a lack of coordination leads to wasted time and resources—which means needs don’t get met, and recovery is hobbled.

FLO Solutions brings technologists and people active in Sandy recovery work together to increase access to the FLO solutions essential to a well-coordinated and effective recovery effort. Through FLOsandy, we show relief groups how they can use FLO solutions to improve their operational efficiency and increase their capacity to collaborate with stakeholders; and, we make it easy for technology services providers to connect with and support these groups.

Our first priority is to make sure that groups involved in their local “Long Term Recovery Council/Organization/Group” have access to high quality websites that they can manage (WordPress), CRM solutions that can handle mailings and donation processing (CiviCRM), and the basic computer programs they need to be productive (Ubuntu/Linux).

Help needed

We would love to help people with skills in web design, WordPress, CiviCRM, Python and Linux administration.


1. maintain the occupysandy.net website
2. provide websites and technical support to LTRGs
3. provide a "disaster management system" to the LTRGs
4. maintain a collaborative knowledge resources
5. provide tech support to Occupy Sandy aligned projects


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