Rockaway Wildfire

Rockaway Wildfire is geared toward community empowerment and activism through learning in action, in light of Superstorm Sandy. We aim to strengthen the community, create alternatives, engage in political education and and be involved in the redevelopment and planning in the Rockaways.


Rockaway Wildfire Priorities include:

Strengthen Community

  • Establish permanency for this group

  • Build community that has power, dignity and respect – a force to be reckoned with

  • Unite Rockaway Communities

Create Alternatives

  • Create alternatives that improve the community beyond the crisis

Political Education

  • Education around resiliency, climate change, land use, community needs, and impending plans for the Rockaways

Involvement in Redevelopment and Planning in the Rockaways

  • Win support and reconstruction services that are adequate, accessible and prompt

  • Hold Government Accountable, get resources for community-  including stewardship of land, Follow funds entering Rockaways

  • Watchdog Groups: Promoting inclusion and transparency

  • Engage community developers to decide what community needs and wants

Help needed

Those interested in volunteering are welcome to join us at our monthly community meetings. Our next one is November 7th. Location TBA. Volunteers are needed for outreach and doorknocking, research, and making supportive materials for the campaign.


Rockaway Wildfire grew out of relationships that formed doing immediate relief work after Superstorm Sandy. At first, Wildfire organizers brought together Rockaway residents who had volunteered in different areas of the Peninsula after the storm. After months of political discussion and skill shares, the group identified collective priorities, and later agreed to take up the developmentof a Community Benefits Agreement as their first campaign.


Strengthen Community
Create Alternatives
Political Education
Involvement in Redevelopment and Planning in the Rockaways


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