Sheepshead Bay Recovers

We are are a pop-up recovery site located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.


We provide recovery support for the community in and around Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. We do supply and food distribution, demolition and muck outs, mold assessments and remediation, and advocacy and case management for residents of the greater Sheepshead Bay area . We are building community gardens and looking to connect the neighborhood to as many resources as possible to rebuild better. We also have crisis counselors on site 3 times a week and pro bono herbalists consulting directly with residents. We operate on a mutual aid based model of recovery which encourages and empowers the community to lift themselves up in the process. We are currently located in a trailer on Emmons Avenue on the waterfront in the one of the hardest hit areas of the Bay.

Help needed

We are always looking for volunteers for...

  • Muck out, demolition, mold remediation projects help (dirty stuff)
  • People interested in community garden building
  • People who can do trailer duty: organizing and cleaning, distributing supplies
  • Sometimes canvassing to check up on needs
  • Visiting homebound residents and elderly
  • People who speak Russian, Cantonese, Cambodian
  • Videographers for documentary project
  • Sound engineers for documentary project
  • Web designer
  • Grant writers and researchers for various projects and fundraising


We have been in the exact vicinity of Emmons Avenue in some form or another EVERY SINGLE DAY since about one week after the storm. First we were at a fold out table, then a community member granted us use of a restaurant space, and now we are located in a fully equipped trailer. Because of our continued and persistent presence, we have the special position of being embedded in and closely tied with the needs of the community itself. All of our work focuses on direct action and engagement which has built trust and friendship in a neighborhood that has felt largely overlooked by the city since way before the storm.


  • Occupy Sandy (duh)
  • Anthony Testaverde
  • Senator Marty Golden
  • Aramsco
  • CITY Harvest
  • Project Hope
  • Richard Mandelbaum, AHG
  • Plumb Beach Civic Association
  • Build It Green!
  • Mayor’s Office of Brooklyn Community Affairs
  • Homespun Helpers
  • Outreach Lighthouse Christian Ministry
  • NY Cares
  • Met Council
  • Occupy Oakland


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