OccupySandy Network Assembly Meeting (12/11/2012)

Short link to minutes: http://bit.ly/osna121112 #OccupySandy Network Assembly December 11th, 2012 7:30 PM – St. Jacobi Church Facilitation: Tess and Robert Minutes: Dicey [Everyone is coming in and setting up! Should start soon.] Tess: “What’s up everybody?” Robert: “Hi guys!” Tess: “I’m Tess, he’s Robert; we’re going to facilitate tonight. Is that cool with everybody? Twinkle if it’s cool; if … Continue reading

Coordinators call Minutes: 11/14/12

Occupy Sandy Conference Call 11/14 9pm ET Agenda – 1. Weekly Call Schedule – We will have Monday and Thursday 9pm calls – Weekly agenda 2. Reportbacks Coney Island – not doing well. places with physical destruction have most attention. trying to get word out. team is uniting, thinking about sustainability. Sheepshead Bay table set up at emmons. distributing aid. … Continue reading