The Story Continues, Make Your Voice Heard

Two years ago today, Hurricane Sandy’s force was felt in 24 states and 7 countries. Two years later, the story continues. Today, through Sandy Storyline, we have the opportunity to tell the story – our stories – ourselves. Whether you were a volunteer, an organizer, or a survivor, your voice matters. Historians are already writing about Sandy – even as … Continue reading

Seas of Resistance

One month ago, global leaders took their seats at the United Nations Climate Summit to discuss the future of our world – a future that affects us all. One month ago, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets for the People’s Climate March and Flood Wall Street, to confront the root cause of the climate crisis – an … Continue reading

Sierra Club Memos on Flood Wall Street

Dear Livable-Climate Lovers, Below are Sierra Club internal memos on Flood Wall Street (FWS).  These are a stark reminder that, in this battle between corporations and the climate, green NPO’s are corporations.   (while recognizing the minority that do kick-ass work).   Here are 3 emails, the last which is a post-action mass email that flips on message and mentions FWS.   Share … Continue reading

Watch Katrina/Sandy Trailer

In partnership with New Orleans-based Land of Opportunity, Sandy Storyline is excited to offer a sneak peek of “Katrina/Sandy,” an interactive timeline that we’ll be sharing later this summer. “Katrina/Sandy” compares and contrasts stories from key moments in these devastating storms and the subsequent aftermath and recovery efforts. As large-scale disasters increasingly become our “new normal”, we hope this tool … Continue reading

Rebuilding Hope, Rebuilding Homes

In the eighteen months since Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast and forced the entire region to rethink our way of life, people on the front lines of the recovery effort have been working tireless to rebuild and restore hope to the community. Eighteen months later, The Occupy Sandy network is still working tirelessly for a just recovery and a more resilient … Continue reading

Occupy Sandy CDBG-DR Amendment 5 Comments

Dear City: Occupy Sandy is a grassroots non-hierarchical community-led disaster relief network. We had numerous hubs throughout the affected areas that worked in solidarity with and were accountable to the neighborhoods we served.  We were often the source of information for FEMA, the City, OEM and the Red Cross about on-the-ground needs. We gave out $3.5 million in aid, directed … Continue reading

Support Incarcerated MI Cats — Dinner Friday!

Dedicated Staten Island Superstorm Sandy relief worker to be jailed for defense against Enbridge Pipeline construction in Michigan Staten Island relief workers and environmental activists rally Friday to support her 2/20/14 MIDLAND BEACH Media contact: Ilya Geller 646-474-4713 Staten Island Superstorm Sandy relief worker Lisa Leggio is one of the “Enbridge 3,” three women arrested during a peaceful protest against … Continue reading


Dear friends and supporters, In light of the recent disturbing disclosures concerning Governor Chris Christie’s flagrant misuse of federal Sandy aid money, the collective of storm survivors and their allies who organize under the Occupy Sandy New Jersey banner are hereby calling on residents of New Jersey to join us in Trenton in Occupying outside the Capitol starting this Saturday, … Continue reading

The Best Person To Tell Your Story Is You

Sandy Storyline is a project that developed after Hurricane Sandy with a simple idea: that the best person to tell your story is you. Over the last 14 months, you’ve told stories in order to reflect and remember. You’ve told stories of injustice. You’ve told stories about how things were before the storm and how you want them to be … Continue reading

New York City: Not Like I Pictured

What happens when you add water to the most culturally diverse and densely populated city in the “richest” country in the world? It further divides into two. It’s been a year since Superstorm Sandy slammed into our shoreline and some areas haven’t changed since. While Wall Street and Battery Park were back in shape in no time, a walk down … Continue reading


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sandy Memorial Sculpture Unveiling Ceremony Saturday, October 26th

Contact Person: Sarah Quinter (347) 583-7177 Arverne, Queens: After more than ten months in the making, the Sea Song sculpture team has announced the unveiling ceremony of their collaborative Sandy memorial sculpture. The event will take place on Saturday, October 26th, just in time for the one-year anniversary of the storm. Numerous Rockaway residents as well as Sandy recovery volunteers … Continue reading


Benefit Concert for Hurricane Sandy Victims

  Join percussionist/composer Doug Hinrichs as he hosts a benefit concert on the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.  Doug lost his home, music studio, and most of his possessions in the storm, but was fortunate enough to be able to rebuild.  Thousands of people have not been so lucky, so he is producing this concert to lend a hand to those … Continue reading


July 24th: Stop the Post Superstorm Sandy Land Grab in NYC! All the People into the Streets! Flood the Hearing with Our Demands!

The people of New York City are in the fight of our lives.  Bloomberg and his Housing Authority want to build luxury towers on the parks and playgrounds of Lower East Side and Harlem public housing projects.  On July 24th, public housing residents will take over the NYCHA Draft Annual Plan hearing to demand that NYCHA immediately terminate the plan.In order … Continue reading


Update from Our Friends at the Sea Song Sculpture Team

Greetings Friends, Supporters and Hurricane Sandy Recovery Workers!  A collaborative Sandy memorial sculpture project made from salvaged storm debris is in progress, and an installation site in The Rockaways has been secured. The project coordinators, artists and community builders have been working hard to finish the half-ton steel substructure, and we are very excited to announce that it is nearing … Continue reading


The Story Beyond The Boardwalk: Occupy Sandy Shines A Spotlight On The Real New Jersey Story

Memorial Day, the traditional beginning of tourist season at the Jersey Shore. According to Governor Chris Christie and other high ranking officials, New Jersey is “open and ready for business.” While we do not want to discourage tourists from coming to the shore—which is critical to New Jersey’s long-term recovery—we feel it is important to tell the true story of … Continue reading