OS Spokescouncil Documentation Guidelines

All projects will be listed in a directory on the Occupy Sandy website with (minimum) following information:

  • Project name

  • Project description

  • Public contact information


They must also keep up to date the following information, which will be accessible to the Spokescouncil:

  • Project team members who can be spokes

  • Total amount the project has received from Occupy Sandy

  • Monthly activity reports, including all expenditures. Here’s a template that might be helpful for keeping track of your expenses, receipts and reimbursements. This information must be submitted to the Incubation Team, as in Round 1 funding.


If the project is receiving stipends, they must also provide:

  • A list of project team members who are receiving stipends

  • Monthly timesheets for each member of the project receiving stipends. Submissions will be possible via both a printable form and an online interface.


If the project is uses Occupy Sandy vehicles, they must also provide:

  • A list of people who can drive the vehicles

Failure to submit any of the above information will result in suspension of further funding/access to network resources until project is in compliance.