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All of the projects listed in this directory are represented through the Occupy Sandy Project Spokescouncil, a decision making body that’s responsible for allocating resources within the Occupy Sandy community.


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Worker Owned Rockaway Cooperatives (W.O.R.Cs.) Begun in the spring of 2013, WORCs (Worker-Owned Rockaway Cooperatives) is an initiative to rebuild after Sandy in a way that addresses both the storm’s impact and the long-term systemic issues in the neighborhood. The program’s goal is to equip Far Rockaway residents with the skills and financing to launch small, worker-owned businesses that fill a need in their community. So far, the group has developed plans to launch five worker-owned businesses: a construction company, a bakery, a health food store, an entertainment collective and a restaurant. They are now in the process of turning these plans into realities. Donate
Rockaway Wildfire Rockaway Wildfire is geared toward community empowerment and activism through learning in action, in light of Superstorm Sandy. We aim to strengthen the community, create alternatives, engage in political education and and be involved in the redevelopment and planning in the Rockaways. Donate
FLO Solutions FLO Solutions for Disaster Relief is a project that brings the best free/libre/open-source tools and techniques to New York City-based disaster relief groups and helps them document their best practices and share them with people around the world. Donate
Occupy Sandy New Jersey From the Delaware Bay to the Hudson River, OSNJ strives to help communities drive their own recovery. Donate
SI Unity Hub Occupy Sandy Staten Island is a volunteer-based group helping to rebuild and support the Staten Island community in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. We are actively interested in building relationships with other grassroots community organizations and sharing our network of legal aids, medics, translators, skilled tradespeople and volunteers with donation drop off/pick up spots, volunteer hubs, and community groups in need. Donate
Sandy Toolbox The Sandy Toolbox project is a documentation and oral archive effort which aims to share lessons learned through Occupy Sandy's volunteer based disaster response. We interview volunteers about their various experiences and contributions addressing the multiple and varied challenges of the work. At its core, we are addressing an issue that is notorious in most disasters, the lack of proper documentation or information sharing. Donate
Cross-Rockaway Incubation Team The Cross-Rockaway Incubation Team (CRIT) is a local participatory budgeting project for distribution of funds raised through Occupy Sandy.
The Restore YANA Project The YANA rebuild process will be a living example of sustainable and ethical design. Donate
Respond & Rebuild On-the-ground effort coordinating relief workers, residents, resources, and volunteer power to communities most affected by Hurricane Sandy. Donate