Respond & Rebuild

On-the-ground effort coordinating relief workers, residents, resources, and volunteer power to communities most affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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Have we got an opportunity for you! Put on your dirty clothes and let’s get to work in the Rockaways. Volunteers work intimately with residents, picking through flood damaged belongings and gutting out flood damaged residences. It’s people helping people to pick up the pieces of a life, and with each person working, each couch thrown away, each wall pulled down, a little more healing, peace, friendship and light enters the world. Few experiences can compare. So sign up, spread the word, and most of all – VOLUNTEER!


Respond and Rebuild was on the ground responding to the greatest needs of communities most affected by Hurricane Sandy immediately after the storm.

In the earliest days of the disaster relief effort this meant collecting and transporting donations of food, water, clothing, and blankets. As those needs were increasingly met by other generous donors and volunteers, Respond and Rebuild identified an acute need for other services: pumping out basements, gutting houses, and sanitizing flooded areas to prevent the growth of mold and to mitigate mold-related health risks. We also coordinate training sessions so a larger number of people can meet community needs quickly and effectively using reliable data.

As we continue to build our capacity to meet these needs across a wider area by training and coordinating volunteers and sharing resources with Occupy Sandy, we are also preparing to be a part of the ongoing rebuilding process in devastated NYC communities. We are currently building our resource base because we are committed to sticking with these communities for the long haul. We know a successful response to the damage inflicted by Sandy means a long term commitment to recovery and beyond.

Respond and Rebuild’s approach to disaster relief is unique because our model allows us to share and disseminate our collective skills and expertise across a wider range of responders, volunteers, and residents in affected areas. We are effective precisely because we operate on the ground, among disaster-affected communities, and help others motivated to respond to do so more effectively. Our goal is to replicate our efforts across groups of volunteers in an ever-wider geographic area, while taking direction from affected communities themselves.




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