Bike Ready

Framing cyclists’ response in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Green Map System’s Bike Ready has become a springboard for local preparedness. Along with the 4-minute film, in 2016, there’s an adaptable Bike Ready Organizing Guide you can download as a PDF or .Doc so you can be #BikeReady too.

Filmed in NYC neighborhoods impacted by 2012’s devastating storm, Bike Ready turns powerful footage into a resource for organizing bicyclists for emergency response. Scenes include getting around when the subway and gas stations are closed, mutual aid bike repair, cyclists delivering hundreds of pounds of relief supplies and using pedal power to generate the electricity needed to recharge phones.

With its solutionary approach to addressing the ‘new normal’, this video and guide are designed to help communities get organized. Watch it with fellow cyclists and start planning! Produced by Green Map System and directed by Peter Shapiro with support from Occupy Sandy Relief, the volunteers of Time’s Up, and LES Ready. More about this readiness and resiliency-building project will be added to this page,

Now Available! Chinese, Spanish and Japanese versions, thanks to LES Ready for supporting the translation! Watch full screen.


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