For Rockaway residents to know:

VOTING – PS 180 Scholars Academy Beach 104 + Beach Channel Drive

Any people with pets that need a hand can contact ARF ARF at 917-903-6518.

Also tomorrow, courtesy of some very generous donors, we’re getting 300 flashlights and 2 Uhaul trucks full of donations, that will be distributed mainly at Public Housing Projects on B54, where 30,000 residents have thus far received no aid beyond bagels distributed by other community members.
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Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) has been approved in New York and New Jersey for eligible disaster survivors.

Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) has been approved in New York and New Jersey for eligible disaster survivors who have a continuing need for shelter because they are unable to return to their homes for an extended period of time. This will provide short-term lodging for eligible disaster survivors whose communities are either uninhabitable or inaccessible due to disaster-related damages.

For more information, disaster survivors should call 1-800-621-FEMA (3362).

Those who have a speech disability or hearing loss and use TTY should call 1-800-462-7585 directly; for those who use 711 or Video Relay Service (VRS), call 1-800-621-3362. Continue reading



Belle Harbor, Queens, about half way along the Rockaway peninsula, is four blocks across at its widest point—a splinter of East-West streets on a spit of land between the bay and the sea. Now that land is beach again. In front of nearly every house is a massive pile of debris—chairs, tables, mattresses, torn bits of cloth, and garbage bags stuffed, presumably, with smaller, flimsier, more rotten things. Some of the houses have been inspected for safety by the city and have paper signs posted on their doors: green for safe, yellow for partly safe, red for not safe at all. Cloth and wood signs along Rockaway Beach Boulevard yesterday: “F.U. Sandy, Survivor beach party … BYO … GOD BLESS USA, Rockaway”; “U LOOT, WE SHOOT.” Continue reading

Verizon Wireless is providing free device charging, domestic calls, and other services

Verizon Wireless is providing free device charging, domestic calls, and other services to the general public, regardless of whether they are our customers, at: Verizon Wireless mobile stores currently located at**: • Staten Island, New York – 2945 Veterans Road West • Sea Girt, New Jersey – 1334 Laurel Avenue • How ell, New Jersey – 4813 US Highway 9 … Continue reading

The scene outside Gouverneur Court, a supportive housing residence in lower Manhattan, after Hurricane Sandy. Photo courtesy of Community Access.

Supportive Housing Providers in Need of Donations

Supportive housing providers across New York are scrambling to serve tenants in damaged and flooded residences. Below, you’ll find information on how you can donate gasoline, bedding and other goods. Providers are currently in serious need of gasoline, given the overall shortage in New York City. You’ll also find details on how you can volunteer at a homeless shelter or receive assistance from various New York government agencies. Continue reading



1. Starting on the top floors of buildings without power, WITH FLASHLIGHTS and IN GROUPS, go door to door asking folks if they need help, and if so, what they need. Write it down, so that later you can pass that information on, and also so that people don’t duplicate work.
2. If someone needs a prescription refill for a chronic illness, you can take their benefit number and the rx bottle, and a note from them to a pharmacy. Pharmacists in NY are being allowed to do partial prescription refills without an actual Rx, so that people who have limited mobility don’t die in their apartments.
3. If someone is in medical crisis call an AMBULANCE. Continue reading

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Your Post-Sandy Questions, Answered

Topics Covered:
Food, water and ice
Where can we get food?
New Jersey
New York

Power and cell phones
When will I get my power back?
Where can I charge my cell phone?
What is happening with cell phone service?

Gas and transportation
Where can I find gas?

Which roads, subways and buses are open and running?
When will HOV restrictions be lifted on NYC bridges?

Getting help and giving help
Where can I donate my time or money?
We’ve got a growing list of shelters, charities and volunteer organizations on our How to Help page.
How can I find someone who’s missing?
How can I get insurance to cover my damages?

How can I get social and economic aid?
I need to report price gouging.
Where are the shelters near me?
What about pet shelters?
Where can I go to get warm?
Where can I take a hot shower?
Where can I do laundry?

Are banks open? Where are ATMs operational?

Health, prescriptions and sanitation
How can I get my prescriptions filled?
What about closed/evacuated hospitals?

City Services
When will my trash get picked up?
When will regular postal service return to normal?

Schools, voting and other events

When are schools open?
Schoolbook has updates on public schools.
How will I vote?

Other facts and figures
I can’t get WNYC AM 820.
What’s happening with the nuclear reactors?

What’s up with NYC parks? Continue reading

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Reportback from CAAAV Fri 11/2

The lights came back on for most of Chinatown this evening as we were cleaning up today’s work. Needless to say, we are ecstatic!
This has truly been a community effort. Together, we were able to fill a gaping void left by the City. We were able to take a situation that was disempowering and isolating and create room for people to take on leadership roles in galvanizing their networks to come out to volunteer. Sometimes people weren’t home. Sometimes people wanted batteries and didn’t want water. Sometimes it was really hard to hear that no one had cllimbed up the 17 flights of stairs to check in on someone. But each day we have been doing this work we have grown more and more in our ability to be open, flexible, and impactful. This is what a movement for social justice looks like. This is what we all built together. Continue reading


Aid desperately needed in Broad channel, Rockaway Beach and Breezy point, Queens

As we move into the 3rd day of devastation following Hurricane Sandy, there is no sign of FEMA or the Red Cross in the Rockaways. This area includes the communities of Broad Channel, Breezy Point and Rockaway Beach, without a doubt neighborhoods that have suffered the strongest blows from Hurricane Sandy. As Mayor Bloomberg moves on and makes speeches about … Continue reading

Volunteer for Hurrican Sandy Relief!

Volunteer sign up from NYC Public Advocate’s office – by time slot & area availability. They just called me to ask about special skills like CPR or having a car to drive. Here’s the link again to sign up. The Red Cross is asking for volunteers too! Sign up here!