VROOM Vehicles

Occupy Sandy organizers have been working with the VROOM Collective to provide vehicles to the Occupy Sandy network.

Projects associated with the Occupy Sandy Spokescouncil can request vehicles as needed. If you’re involved with a project that isn’t a member of the Occupy Sandy Spokescouncil but wants to be, learn how to get involved.

If you’re affiliated with a Spokescouncil project and need a vehicle for regular or one-time use related to relief, recovery or resilience work, please use this form to make a request. See vehicle availability below.
Current vehicles include:

—- Big Red, a maroon Ford Econoline
—- Grimace, a purple Dodge Caravan
—- The Subaru, a green Subaru Legacy
—- Precious, a champagne Dodge Caravan
—- Charles Vanson, a black Ford Econoline
—- The Last Car, a green Plymouth Voyager